New Japanese Restaurant, Umaya, Coming to Downtown from Owners of Cafe Asia

by Prince Of Petworth January 29, 2014 at 12:51 pm 12 Comments

733 10th St, NW

Ed. Note: 733 10th St, NW was originally planned to be a pizzeria.

From a press release:

“Jamestown, a leading national real estate acquisition and management firm, announced today that the Japanese eatery Umaya has signed a ten-year lease to occupy the restaurant space at its Class A mixed-use commercial building at 733 10th Street, NW. Located in the heart of downtown’s East End, the new energetic restaurant concept will move into the 3,946-square-foot, street-level space by early February with a slated grand opening set for July 4, 2014. Umaya is from the owners of the popular DC venue Café Asia.

Umaya is a contemporary Japanese izakaya restaurant that promises to delight diners with a unique menu and lively ambiance. From the freshest sushi and maki rolls, to trendy Japanese street food favorites such as ramen, ishiyaki (hot stone) grilled skewers, andizakaya style small plates, to traditional Japanese fine-dining cuisine; Umaya’s offerings plan to marvel any palate. Patrons can sip on a handcrafted cocktail by one of the talented mixologists, or explore the sophisticated sake and wine list to compliment their meal. The exotic décor and live DJs spinning soothing house music will complete the experience. From furnishings to fare, Umaya will envelope visitors into its enchanting sanctuary.

Umaya’s restaurant group enlisted Grupo 7 Architecture + Interiors to assist in the new restaurant’s design and build-out. Co-brokers Nick Page with Streetsense Retail Advisors and Adam Schindler with Serten Retail advisors represented Umaya in the deal.”

  • sue ruff

    Hmmm. I’m picturing birds slamming into that building. (Not the restaurant’s fault, but maybe Umaya can add bird dumplings to the menu.)

    • Rockandroar

      I work in that building and can assure you no birds fly into it. Give the birds some credit.

  • ledroittiger

    If this place is anything like Cafe Asia, it will be exceptionally mediocre.

  • EnShaw

    Oh I used to LOVE Cafe Asia. Then they became a total mess a few years ago and even worse stopped evening delivery. Hope this is better

    • Anonymous

      Arlington location is still great!! I think DC location has new owners – sold few years back.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, another large restaurant promising to be great at cooking an absurdly wide range of foods! Fine dining! Street food! Ramen! Izakaya! Andizakaya! All-the-other-kayas! Ishiyaki! Folks…smaller menu, better food…please.

    • Anonymous

      This place is a trap for white and black folks coming in from MD/VA for “a night in The City.”
      No actual Asians will be eating here – “They’re charging how much?!?” “My mom does this so much better!” Etc.

  • Anonymous

    are there any restaurants opening that are not “concepts” with “sophisticated” menu items, “exotic” things, and an experience staffed with mixologists?

    who writes this crap?

    • alpinepaq

      People who think that you can “envelope” visitors.

  • Dave

    “The exotic décor and live DJs spinning soothing house music will complete the experience.”

    Gawd, yeah, that’s the pièce de résistance right there for ya.

    Is it the “hipness” of all the young moneyed folks moving into the area that invites these types of “concepts,” or is it the concept that is trying to make the youngsters feel hipper about themselves?

    Chicken or egg?

    • Anonymous

      This place is meant to appeal to:
      1.) Older suburban adults (think DINKs, late 30s/early 40s) out for a “hip” night on the town
      2.) Younger suburban kids (age 21-35) who drive a 5-series BMW, go to bottle services joints on K Street, and still live at home (all my Middle Eastern/Persian friends spending their fathers’ money)
      3.) Tourists from boring areas of the U.S. looking to experience a bit of “nightlife” in DC

  • Anonymous

    Even if it’s really bad, it’s gonna be better than those nasty people who work for NAM upstairs.


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