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Logan Circle Coffee Bar/Cocktail Spot to be Called Slipstream, Opening this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth January 16, 2014 at 12:00 pm 26 Comments

1333 14th Street, NW

From a press release:

“Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella today announced that they are starting Slipstream, an innovative new coffee and cocktail business with their flagship location set to open along 14th Street in Logan Circle this Spring. Slipstream will focus on service as well as the journey of coffee from source to sip and will complement the coffee with crafted cocktails in the evening.

Fleming and Mirabella will partner with Madcap Coffee Company, a specialty coffee roaster based in Grand Rapids, MI and Washington, DC and Slipstream will share a space with Fathom Creative, a creative agency headquartered in DC.

looking north toward Birch and Barley and Rhode Island Ave

“A slipstream is an area of reduced resistance behind a moving object. Similarly, our shop will reduce the resistance of the normal coffee and cocktail experience with unique service that pulls customers through in an effortless fashion,” said co-founder Ryan Fleming.

Slipstream hopes to create a comfortable and approachable atmosphere where its neighborhood guests can escape the stress of their day and engage with the staff to explore the amazing story of coffee. The informed staff paired with a focus on transparency will satisfy the desires of the entire community from the coffee expert to those drinking their first cup.

“We involve ourselves in the entire process from seed to cup. Visiting the farms annually and building relationships with our producers helps to ensure the quality of our coffee,” said Trevor Corlett, CEO of Madcap. “The coffee shop is the last link in that chain. We are excited to partner with Miranda and Ryan knowing the passion and level of detail they are bringing to create a unique coffee experience in DC.”

Complementing the coffee, the new shop will serve crafted cocktails in the evening with the same focus on quality and service. Coffee and cocktails are similar in that their nuances are under-explored and Fleming and Mirabella’s concept hopes to provide the perfect environment for the journey to appreciation.

“We’re excited to welcome Miranda and Ryan to 14th Street and look forward to teaming with them as they share our space and become members of the neighborhood we love so much. Their business and culture couldn’t be a more perfect fit for our creative agency/gallery,” voiced Drew Mitchell, President of Fathom Creative.

“Around the world coffee is associated with ritual and community and we look forward to bringing that philosophy to Logan Circle,” said co-founder Miranda Mirabella. “When we open our doors, we also open a new chapter in supporting this neighborhood, contributing to the DC business community and finding our place in the lives of our neighbors.”

looking south on 14th Street


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