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Here is a Random List of 15 DC Restaurants and Bars that have a Color in their Name

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2014 at 4:20 pm 67 Comments

Ed. Note: Bonus points were given to those who had a color and an animal in their name. Please let me know if I left anyone off. I have agonized over this list:

1. Red Hen (Bloomingdale)
2. Blue Duck Tavern (West End)
3. Little Red Fox (Chevy Chase)

4. Red Derby (North Columbia Heights/Petworth)
5. Black and Orange (U Street)
6. Blue 44 (Chevy Chase)
7. Black Salt (Palisades)
8. Black Jack (Logan Circle)
9. Red Rocks (Columbia Heights, H Street, NE)
10. Bluejacket Brewery (Navy Yard)
11. Sweetgreen (Georgetown, all over)
12. Orange Spoon (West End)
13. Yellow House (East of the River by Minnesota Ave Metro)
14. Silver Spork (closing soon in Capitol Hill)
15. Red Light (opening soon in Logan Circle.)

  • brother_esau


  • Anonymous

    Black Rooster and Black Squirrel

  • Ben

    Kangaroo Boxing Club

    • Darrel_J

      Is kangaroo a color?

      • Anon

        It is in Australia.

  • Anonymous

    Green Turtle

  • Anonymous

    I think that establishments with two colors (or more) in their name should be given preference over those with just one, but still rank below those with a color and an animal.

  • Anonymous

    red toque cafe

  • rachel

    black cat (and the red room inside the black cat)

    • Ugh, can’t believe I forgot Black Cat and Red Room – inexcusable!

  • Darrel_J

    Black Cat?

  • Anonymous

    Black Whiskey

  • Ben

    Also how can you leave out BlackCat with it’s Red Room :)

  • ledroittiger

    Pink Snapper on Shepherd & Georgia

  • Anonymous

    Chat Noir

  • bylinemjf

    Greene Turtle, Redline. The suburbs open up places like Green Pig and Indigo Landing.

  • On the Hill

    Black Finn? Pearl Dive? Pearl is technically the gem in this case, I think, but perhaps it gets bonus points for multiple definitions?

  • Joe C

    Black Market Bistro
    Red Lobster!

  • Anon

    Golden Brown Delicious (GBD)

  • Anonymous

    Red Apron Butchery

  • Anonymous

    Jack Rose

  • Anonther

    Peacock cafe!

  • djdc

    Is the Red Lion still there (Foggy Bottom)?

    • Truxton Thomas

      Lindy’s! Yes, I believe it is.

  • kallie

    georgia brown’s

  • Anonymous

    Does Teak Wood count?

  • Anonymous

    Indigo – awesome indian food off H Street

  • Truxton Thomas

    The White Tiger (closed on Capitol Hill, so…)

  • Anonymous

    Love these “just for fun” posts!

    How about Pinkberry?

  • njb510

    Blue 44 (Chevy Chase)

    • njb510

      NM, missed it on there.

  • Anonymous

    Brown Bag

  • Anonymous

    Blues Alley

  • Anonymous

    Red hook lobster (food truck)

  • Blithe

    Black Fox — Dupont Circle

  • Green Lantern?

  • And I’ll add just for fun: Ruby Tuesday

  • AC

    Yes, you forgot two from the gay community: (1) Green Lantern and (2) Cobalt, because if Silver is a color Cobalt is a color too! :-P

  • wdc

    Did Viridian close?

  • am1989

    Silver Diner!

    • am1989

      Whoops – not actually in D.C.

  • Hey Nonny Nonny

    Red Mango at American University
    Blue Smoke in Nats Park

  • badavarascal

    Bar Rouge

  • Linc Park SE

    Was this purposely posted at 4:20?
    Just curious… reminded me of a comment from the previous “list” posting.

  • Anonymous

    Pop, do you have an older brother….. I think I’m in love :-)

  • C

    Wait, Silver Spork is closing?! What’s going to go in there? It’s kind of a great location…

  • Anonymous

    Lupo verde (green wolf)

  • Anonymous

    Georgia Brown

  • Anonymous

    Silver Diner

  • Smitty1788

    Black Salt in Palisades

  • Mimi

    Rose’s Luxury on Barracks Row. Also, delicious!

  • Paul Tagliabue

    java green & green cafe (both closed)
    blackbyrd (closed)
    yellow house (benning)

    these are all stretches…
    fire & sage
    slate wine bar
    todd gray’s watershed

    • Yellow House is listed here number 13.

      Wasn’t doing currently closed places. If were don’t forget Red Sage!

      • Paul Tagliabue

        I thought I double checked them all and there I go missing one! I just threw the closed ones in out of boredom.

  • CK

    Red Velvet Cupcakery

  • FinVoilaQuoi

    I submit Cobalt, if it hasn’t already been said.

    On another note, why is the Silver Spork closing?


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