• (former) Logan_Lady

    It makes me think of The Partridge Family.

    • anon

      Or Portlandia.
      Put a bird on it.

  • Anonymous

    This thing is big, expensive (how was it paid for?), and not as effective as a simple u-rack.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, foreal! I bet that bird never even spots at stop signs.

    • Anonymous

      Whimsical artistic bike racks are located all over the downtown area. I believe they are paid for by the Golden Triangle BID, not the city.

  • Emilie504

    It’s nice to have a little whimsy in the world! I don’t even care if *gasp* my tax money paid for it.

    • That Man A


      it looks nice
      something different to look at
      adds to the character of the block

      • Anonymous

        Completely agree. I smiled when I walked by this yesterday. A few extra smiles per day is worth the tax dollars in my book.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t even think the taxpayers underwrite these bike racks. They are installed by the Golden Triangle BID, so I think they use private funds.

  • peachy

    That’s L Street, not I Street. I work in the building it’s facing.

  • TakomaNick

    The best bike racks are U shaped with the proper spacing. I like public art as much as anyone but function should come first.

    • Anonymous

      What if the choice was this bike rack or no bike rack, and not a choice between this bike rack and a better bike rack?


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