• Truxton Thomas

    This is kind of sad. She had a good run, even if she did smell like urine for much of the latter part of it.

  • Giacomo

    wow, this bizarrely put a knot in my stomach. working there was a rough four years of my life but it was great to be a part of that industry family.

  • Anonymous

    I never went there but I always heard it was a good spot for karaoke.

  • Shaw-Eric

    Please keep the Akebono mural!

    • Anonymous

      that totally is Akebono, right?

  • Anonymous

    Man, I used to DJ there in the early 2000s… Gonna miss the ol’ snow cave even if it was a firey death trap waiting to happen… *sniff*

    • Anonymous

      Deep Dish had a residency here in the mid 90s, right?

  • Maybe they will put a new club there. The one thing lacking in the area is a good gay night club in Dupont. The only thing in that area is The Fireplace and the new Phase one.


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