Evening Metro Mess

by Prince Of Petworth January 23, 2014 at 6:44 pm 8 Comments


@mcbyrne tweeted us the above photo from the U Street station around 5:40pm.

And in other yellow/green line trouble – earlier @metrorailinfo tweeted:

“Green/Yellow Line: Single tracking btwn L’Enfant Plaza & Mt. Vernon Square due to a track problem outside Archives. Delays both directions.”

Around 6pm DJ emails us – “Insane lines at Farragut West Station”:


  • Anonymous

    Was there a fire?

    • ck

      I was on a northbound greenline train that stopped at U St. The conductor came on the PA, said the train was out of service and to clear the cars. As seen above, there was smoke on the platform. Unclear what it was from, but it seemed to be coming from the tunnel at one end of the station.

    • Sebrof

      I was at L’Enfant around 4:45 and it was already a mess, can’t imagine how bad it got later on. There were firefighters on the platform at the station, but they weren’t doing anything, given that it seems the problem was closer to Archives than L’Enfant.

  • Anonymous

    It was awful. First, we were told it was due to a signal problem between Archives and L’Enfant. Then, someone mentioned a fire. I’m not sure if they had two problems, or if they weren’t honest in their reporting of what was actually going on. Regardless, it took an hour to get to the Pentagon from Dupont yesterday.

    • Daniel

      Agreed. I think there were at least two issues last night. I was heading to Farragut North from Navy Yard, and it took forever to get to L’Enfant, where I switched to the Blue line because I heard of the signal issue between L’Enfant and Archives. I should’ve known better – the crowd waiting for the Blue/Orange was ridiculous, and the wait was 10 minutes for either line. Fought my way on, and then off at Farragut West. Saw that incredible crowd at Farragut West, where the station manager was attempting to do crowd control, limiting the number of people on the platform. Didn’t see anything about the Blue/Orange line though, but there was definitely something askew. Total of 50 minutes when it’s taken me 20 in the past.

  • Anonymous

    I was also on that northbound train that was offloaded at U Street. The smoke was coming from the south side of the platform. I decided to leave in case things got bad, because a crowded metro station would be a death trap: One up escalator in service, no stairs.

    It took me several minutes to get out, as most other people were leaving too. The smoke was getting thicker. I would certainly not describe it as an atmosphere of panic, but there was a distinct undercurrent of nervousness mixed with a heavy dose of befuddlement and amusement at just how unbelievably terrible WMATA is.

  • Anonymous

    I was at Farragut West during that mess and ended up taking a bus home instead. I never got a metro alert email on my phone.

  • Anon

    We sat on the train for 30 mins at Farragut North at 7pm and were then offloaded because of a “switch problem in Brentwood”. They announced that no trains were running at that point. What a mess, I took an Uber home.


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