• Anon

    The Orange line is busted too — apparently a train out of service at Virginia Square. The 38B into DC is a sardine can.

    • Anonymous

      I was at virginia square. the announcments clearly stated it was ballston that it was a disabled train and east falls had a medical emergency.

  • AP

    Oh man that’s the worst considering the weather. So glad my bus didn’t do that this morning, I probably just would’ve called in sick and climbed back in bed.

  • Anonymous

    Wow glad I missed that mess. Everything was running smoothly at 7:30am.

  • Anonymous

    The green/yellow also seemed unusually crowded this morning around 8:30. I’m guessing a lot of people who normally bike or walk to work decided to use Metro today.

    • Anonymous

      I was going from U Street to Farragut North, so I had to deal with both the Green/Yellow line mess and the mess at Gallery Place. It was awful. I left my place at 8:15am and had to let two trains pass at U Street and then three trains pass at Gallery Place. Fortunately, the large crowds at both were chill.

  • wdc

    Yay, so glad I was at home taking a hairdryer to my frozen pipes! By the time I sauntered on to metro, it was clear sailing.


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