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  • Anonymous

    I’ve always admired these awnings. If taken care of and not allowed to fall into disrepair, they can look very nice in an old fashioned kinda way. The problem is most people just let them go to rot. Some are barely hanging on and it looks awful.

    • Yeah, at least as far as awnings go (which I normally dislike), these aren’t bad.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I was thinking these must be new-ish, which is why they look so good. It’s cute how they match each other also. I actually like awnings and wouldn’t mind a couple on my block.

        • Anonymous

          They’re not new, but the owners all had their awnings repainted at the same time about 2-3 years ago. “A little maintenance goes a long way,” he said to the entire neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    I generally HATE awnings in homes, but these are quite nice and well cared for. Still, it looks like they should be on a candy shop or ice cream shop at the beach.

  • redraiderdc

    These obviously didn’t come with the house. Did an awning sales person work that block one day and the neighbors got together and said “If you do it, I’ll do it”?

    I always wonder how this went down.

  • Grand Funk

    Agree with the others, normally not attractive but look nice in a row and we’ll kept

  • SB

    Looks like someone was puking candy canes out of the windows. Barf!

  • Nathan

    I LOVE awnings on houses and these are especially AWESOME!!


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