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  • SB

    This company is going down the drain fast. Their business model is in favor of maximizing profits for the corporation by all means necessary. They force the franchisers to buy all products from their supply chain and grossly overcharge them for everything. They fine the owners and try to squeeze every penny out of them. Their food is much better than Subway, but their business model sucks.

  • Anonymous

    No one will move into the space, that’s who. There are already multiple other empty retail locations along that block of a similar size (not to mention the empty former Cosi’s over at 13th and K), and no action on any of them. In other news, the second photo is upside-down.

  • Jon

    A few weeks back while walking to work, I saw an employee through the window before opening who was stuffing their mouth with toppings or lunch meat while preparing food. Gloves or no gloves it grossed me out. That was the end of me using them as a lunch option. It would be interesting to know if they had previous health code violations.

  • Anonymous

    That is the most depressing place I’ve seen in a while.

  • M

    This franchise was basically evicted for failure to pay rent. Wonder if that has much to do with a previous comment about Quiznos business model squeezing pennies out of franchisees or a franchise-specific problem.

    As to the location itself, the space is pretty tiny. Hard to imagine much beyond a small coffee shop or express food shop (like Quiznos!) desiring the space. Think they only had about 3-4 tables in there.

  • Rich

    There was a time when they had a unique niche. Now Potbelly seems to do it better, and there are many somewhat more expensive, much better options.

  • wylie coyote

    They seem poorly located, given how downtown has been evolving. A lot of downtown development is happening to the south and east of them, but no one is trekking up to 13th & L for lunch. It’s also far away from the Farragut Square downtown crowd too.

  • djdc

    Stoney’s revenge.

  • I live a block away. Would love for a different food establishment to go in there, since we don’t really have a lot of options right there. *…

  • pvjdp

    oy. and I thought I was keeping them in business…

  • TropicBird

    I work near this location and Maddy’s across the street and the Au Bon Pain always seem busy, there is def. money to be made there for the right model. Quizno’s dipped the lunch meat in a bucket of greasy used liquid before heating it, I never ate there again after seeing how my first sandwich was made.
    I can recommend the little mom and pop sandwich shop across the street, Sunrise Deli. Hot steak and cheese, great sandwich prices.

    • Nathan

      Sunrise Deli has an awesome Steak and Cheese.


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