• Anonymous

    I’ll be the first to admit that you can’t really get a decent pair of men’s shoes for <$100, but the $350-400 range just feels high. If I could s*#! $$ I guess it wouldn't really matter, but for that price, why not just get nuts and REALLY spend?

    • Anonymous

      You can get a pair for 200-300 if you wait for the right sale. (AE/Amazon sometimes offer 20% off coupons.) Granted, that’s still A LOT of money for a pair of shoes, but these should last you many years if you take care of them well.

      • Anonymous

        Yes. I’ve had mine for about 10 years now I think. I’ve had to get them resoled from time to time, but they’re a pretty good value IMO.

    • Anonymous

      Nordstrom Rack usually have some for a little over $200.

    • power of flight

      $300 is really the baseline for a decent pair of dress shoes. I don’t know what “If I could s*#! $$” means but I know I can afford $300 for shoes easier than $500. It’s not that dramatic of a threshold.

    • Anonymous

      You can get good, resole-able shoes from Johnson and Murphy and Charles Tyrwhitt for ~$200.
      The last good pair I bought were by Loake, which is a high end English shoe company. They normally retail for ~$300, but someone was selling a brand new pair from India on eBay (I got them for $80). Gorgeous leather and craftsmanship. I’m assuming that one of the factory employees pilfered these from assembly line – you can often find good leather dress shoes sold on eBay from the usually places that do higher quality leather outsourcing (India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc.)

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Allen Edmonds is a bargain. Great quality shoes that will last for decades assuming you take good care of them, get them re-crafted by the AE factory, use shoe trees, and don’t wear them on consecutive days.

      They’re not cheap but they’re an amazing value.

  • Anon X

    Some of the nicest dress shoes around. Nicer than just about anything even a couple hundred more expensive. And, all the leather soled ones are made in Wisconsin.

  • I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds over ten years ago. They are still going strong.

  • I have several pairs, and they just last and last. Better still, they’re the most comfortable dress shoes I own–I’ve had to wear them standing up for 20 hour stretches, and they still remain about as comfortable as a shoe can be.

    I wonder, though, if they’ll keep the store on Connecticut Avenue–it’s not that far away.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. I was really hoping for a Comfort One. Any of those in DC?

  • bb

    I want my Uniqlo. Now.

  • What else is open at CityCenter?

  • Hilltopper

    Yep, AE is the best value hands down. I normally don’t spend that much for shoes, but you have to regard these as an investment. The pair I had lasted at least 10 years and were the most comfortable shoes I owned. I think I paid about $250 in the early 90s so, adjusting for inflation, if they are now only around $350, that’s still a good value.

  • Dre

    Second – Uniqlo. When is it coming?


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