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  • Anonymous

    They’re waiting for a table at Le Diplomate.

    • Anonymous


  • sherman

    I ran into a huge flock of pigeon’s at 14th & rhode island this morning on my walk to work. It was quite unusual — i’ve never seen such a large group of birds on my way to the office.

    • Anonymous

      Might be migrating for the winter and just enjoying a rest on RI Ave. They migrate in large flocks (herd protection).

  • Anonymous


  • Sue

    Great pictures!

  • Matt

    There is a large flock that spends a great deal of time flying very quickly in circles around the 14th and N intersection.

  • Colhi

    This is my nightmare.

    • Anonymous

      +1 !! Eeek!

  • MeMe

    Roof is probably uninsulated-so a nice warm place for the birdies to hang out.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, if the heat is escaping, it’s a sign of poor insulation…

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, i just read UNinsulated right as I hit “post”


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