Potbelly Sandwich Shop Opening in Brookland Sat. Jan. 11th

by Prince Of Petworth December 19, 2013 at 4:30 pm 32 Comments


From Monroe Street Market:

“Monroe Street Market is extremely happy, excited, delighted, thrilled and overjoyed to announce that Potbelly Sandwich Shop will be opening to the public on Saturday January 11, 2014! Potbelly is located at the Portland Flats building at 655 Michigan Ave NE. Please share this email, because we would love to see everyone out this day in support of Potbelly opening their doors to this amazing community we call home. Also, if you are interested in employment at Potbelly, please visit their website, fill out an application and mention that you are an occupant of the Brookland/Ward 5 neighborhood.”

Side note – I know it’s not that funny but this sign made me chuckle:


  • Anon

    Not exactly the first business I was hoping for…but oh well.

    • KKS


  • Anonymous

    what a waste of a good corner lot…

  • kook47797

    What am I missing? What’s chuckle-worthy about the sign?

    • Anonymous

      Howard Potbelly sounds like a guys name?

      • wylie coyote

        Why would it be funny to say a guy named Howard Potbelly is “closing at 7pm”?

        • Anonymous

          It’s the sort of humor that’s hard to explain. Either it makes you giggle sheepishly or you don’t get it at all…

  • contemna

    Ugh. Potbelly is awful.

  • brookland_rez

    Yay! More potbelly’s for Brookland.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly I am not PoP enough. I don’t understand the disappoinment about a cheap, fast, decent restaurant located next to a university full of people who benefit from such options. Is it because it’s a chain? Is Potbelly uncool? Considering its popularity, it seems to be a fine choice. And they seem to be looking to hire from the nieghborhood. If this is bad, what does good look like?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. It’s not a Jose Andres joint, but it is totally appropriate for the space, and it sure is better than a subway, Quizno’s or a Sprint Store. Not to mention for those of us who have lived in the neighborhood for more than 18 months, it’s a helluva lot more than we ever had before.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Jose Andreas owns more than one restaurant, so he’s no longer cool.

        • Anonymous

          it’s easy to misinterpret what people mean because of the words they use. most people that complain about “chains” really mean “corporate franchises”.

          • Anonymous

            Except when they complain that a “chain” like Busboys and Poets is coming to Monroe St. Market. Local guy, 5 location, but not unique enough for the cool crowd.

          • Anonymous

            depends who you call the cool crowd.

            clearly people love bus boys and poets. so what if some don’t? that doesn’t make them cool, it just means they have an opinion on the matter.

          • textdoc

            I think when Anonymous 10:34 am said “not unique enough for the cool crowd,” it was with some sarcasm — “not unique enough for those who fancy themselves to be cooler than everyone else and believe chains of any kind to be ‘beneath’ them.”
            Odds are they’re also into “books that nobody else has read, music that nobody else has heard, and art that nobody else has seen.”

    • brookland_rez

      PoP is being taken over by elitists that only want organic, free-range, farm to table, non-chain, yada yada yada. If it’s not that, it’s automatically not cool. Me, I don’t care about cool. I like what I like. Having said that I haven’t eaten at a Pot Belly in years. But I agree, I think it will be a good option for the college kids. Maybe I will eat there more since I will be able to walk to it from my house.

      • Anonymous


        Plus their sugar cookies and buffalo chicken sandwich are nom.

      • Anonymous

        Besides, it’s not like the city is swamped with Potbellys (Potbellies?). I’ve been here since 2005 and have only eaten at a Potbelly once, simply because they’re not located near any place I’ve ever lived or worked or otherwise been near when I needed lunch.

      • Anonymous

        Which is super cute, because when you look at the demographic data and constant complaining about how much things cost, few can afford it. You’re allowed to have Georgetown tastes on a Michigan Park budget, but it doesn’t mean the market should respond. No business owner who knows their ass from their elbow opens a business based upon what the people want – it’s about what they can and will pay for.

        And that is why you have a Potbelly. Which I’m actually kinda stoked about, I love their cookies and milkshakes. And because I’m horrible, I would happily round it out with a Starbucks. Let’s make that happen, please…

        • JoeEsq74

          “And because I’m horrible, I would happily round it out with a Starbucks. Let’s make that happen, please…”

          Starbucks is coming to the new CUA bookstore at Monroe Street Market and I am happy.

        • Eponymous

          +1,000. And the fact is, the development (as well as nearby 12th Street) is getting a good mix of national chains like Potbelly’s and SBX, local chains like BB&P, almost-one-offs like Steel Plate, the as-yet-unnamed restaurants from the Meridian Pint and Smith Commons folks, and totally independent places like Menomale, Brookland’s Finest, Askale, and Little Ricky’s. So it’s a terrific mix where there’s something for everyone, and BY GOD I wish people would just go to the options they like and stop bellyaching about the ones they don’t.

    • Actually that makes you totally PoP enough. It is well known in certain circles that I love Potbelly. I also love Dunkin Donuts. And I’ve even been known to hit Ruby Tuesday from time to time. So welcome to the club friend.

      • Anonymous

        taco bell too right?

        • hahaha – yes that is my number one favorite – but the only place I can scratch that itch now is at Union Station so it’s a bit off my radar.

          • brookland_rez

            I know right? I used to always go to the one on 14th St when I went to Black Cat. There is also one on NY Ave and Bladensburg Rd, but if Union Station is off your radar, that one probably really is.

          • Ah sorry poor choice of words – not off my radar – it’s just I don’t eat in Union Station all that often. The 14th and U location was my main spot.

          • Anonymous

            I know what you mean– I live in Capitol Hill and couldn’t think of a Potbelly anywhere nearby aside from the one in the Yards Park. But then I looked it up and learned there was one in Union Station. Still not a place I would think to go to eat, even though I can walk to it.

      • brookland_rez

        +1. The Ruby Tuesday salad bar is pretty good. That combined with one of their lunch plates runs like $10. Not a bad meal for the price.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like even *you* are no longer PoP enough, my friend. You’ve created a monster…

  • wylie coyote

    There are gonna be a bunch of Catholic U kids enjoying those Potbelly sandwiches…seems like a great fit for the area, watch them make a ton of money…


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