Dear PoPville – Who’s Coming to the Monroe Street Market?

by Prince Of Petworth April 25, 2013 at 2:30 pm 12 Comments

Monroe and Michigan Ave, NE

Dear PoPville,

The company building some of the new developments at the Monroe Street Market posted a teaser on their Facebook page for what retail businesses are coming to their project. I think they’ve included clues in the teaser, but I’m not smart enough to figure them out. Like the bank with a “stagecoach” is obviously Wells-Fargo. Any idea on the others?

1- Our Brookland Works buildings MAY have a “white table cloth” type restaurant. It would be great if this place offered a wide range of cold beverage options, wouldn’t it???? One can only hope I guess!

2- Brookland Works MAY also include a bike shop with a coffee component to it. What a cool concept right on the Metropolitan Branch Bike Path!

3- Need some financial services? Maybe a Bank? Maybe a horse and stagecoach I mean car loan?

4- Several casual dining establishments, perfect for lunch on the go or a sit down meal? Let your mind run on that one! No really, let it run…

5- A large scale bookstore…When I say large, I don’t mean small.

6- Twenty Seven Art Studios…Artist Applicants, keep your fingers crossed!!! We are still selecting and you’ve made it very difficult for us! You are all so wonderful, but we only have 27 spaces :(
(big THANK YOU to CulturalDC for your help on this!)

7- And the big question we all keep hearing from everyone! “ARE WE GETTING A GROCERY STORE?!?!?!?!”…”WELL ARE WE??????”

  • #4-Dunkin Donuts? “America runs…”

  • anon

    3. Wells Fargo – symbol is a horse and stagecoach.

  • anon

    #5 – Books a million???

  • Anonymous

    5 is definitely Barnes and Noble… I think you reported that before? Or Brookland Bridge did. They are privitizing the bookstore operations at Catholic and will open a joint student bookstore-store front in MSM

  • Anonymous

    Remainders from Borders across the country? Too soon?

  • anon

    A bike shop would actually do pretty well there. Not much competition. It would be amazing if the sit down place were a brewpub, but I’m not holding my breath.

    The Barnes and Noble will be like any of the hundreds they already have for college campuses. Great if you want Catholic branded gear or needs books for their course, pretty watered down as a pure bookstore.

  • RNinDC

    maybe not a brewpub but I think we can look forward to great craft beers on tap…

    • Brandon

      what do you know? :)

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend who’s involved in the commercial leasing here. I know what’s coming. Can’t share though, sorry. :)

    • Brandon

      everyone has their price

  • #7 is “YES”

    • anon

      There’s already a YES a few blocks away…


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