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  • Dan

    $5 hot and ready pizzas all night long. Can’t wait.

    • That Man A


  • Ekington Chick

    I didn’t know Little Ceasars still existed! I figured they disappeared in the 1990’s.

    • Anonymous

      They were nearly as ubiquitous as Subway in the early 90’s, but I think they over-expanded so a lot of locations ended up closing a few years later. It looks like they’re on a comeback now.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if they would have come to that spot if Walmart had not opened.

  • Anonymous

    Now I can get a haircut, weave extensions liquor and pizza and then a snow shovel and cheap electronics and then put my dog in boarding just across the street! My, how far we have come in DC! Hah… Just kidding, happy about the neighborhood progress!

    • Matt

      +1 – I dig the way you errand.

  • Boogknight

    What used to be there?

  • Tom Monaghan

    Pizza Pizza!!

    • NoKethup

      He was Domino’s. Mike Illitch – unless you did that on purpose

      • Anonymous

        Detroit represent! I think Tom Monaghan is busy these days funding Ave Maria University and protesting a woman’s right to choose.

  • John Grunwell

    I’ve lived in Brightwood for more than 10 years now, and I have to say it is the most commercially depressing place in the city. There is *nothing* that warrants a special or out-of-the-way visit to the neighborhood. Folks ask me how I like living there, and I typically answer that it’s fine, but that I have to leave it to do anything interesting (except for entering Rock Creek Park). A Little Caesar’s is the very last thing we need, considering the presence of Manny’s, Dominos, Papa Johns, and other crappy pizza joints.

    • Anonymous

      Invest your own money and open something “interesting.” People can’t just sit and wait for stuff to come to them; that’s pretty entitled to expect outsiders to put their own money at risk.

      • Anonymous

        Also, Little Caesars parmesean breadsticks are the BOMB. When I was a teenager, I could house an entire bag of those on my own LOL.

      • Anonymous

        “Invest your own money….”
        It’s not entitled, it’s how the real world works. Most people don’t have money lying around to invest in small business ventures; even if they do, most people aren’t cut out for that kind of financial (and other) risk. What you are saying people “can’t” do is exactly what 99% of the poulation does, so your comment strikes me as pretty far off the mark.

        • Anonymous

          The “entitled” part is him complaining about what’s opening here. And let’s get real here – people are bitching about a Little Caersar’s because it’s not contributing to a massive escalation in their property value. Everyone wants something for nothing.
          If he wants the high end restaurants of 14th Street and Dupont, then he should have bought a place in those areas. You don’t get to sit around and bitch and moan simply because you bought a house around the corner. Invest your money, form an LLC with your neighbors, and open that bourgeois cafe that becomes a “destination” for the neighborhood. Otherwise, enjoy your Little Caesar’s and be thankful someone decided to plunk down some investment funds in your neighborhood.

          • Anonymous

            “The “entitled” part is him complaining about what’s opening here.”
            Okay, but that’s not what you said the first time. Even still, I don’t totally agree. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion about the neighborhood that they live in, especially if they own that house. Buying a house is for most people the extent of their ability to *financially* invest in their neighborhood – all other investments basically amount to your opinions and the time and effort you put into supporting those opinions. I agree that bitching and moaning isn’t usually productive, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting better stuff for your neighborhood. I thought John Grunwell’s statement was a fair one (I don’t know him nor do I live in Brightwood); FWIW I would not consider a Little Caeser’s a good addition to my neighborhood.

          • textdoc

            Agreed with Anonymous 12:34 p.m.
            “Love it or leave it” and “love it or shut up” are false binaries.

    • Anonymous


    • ann

      I’m not being snarky, I’m honestly suggesting you might want to look into moving. Some of us love this neighborhood and are working to make it even better. If you don’t want to be part of that, you might want to look into living somewhere that suits you better. Or, get involved with community groups, business associations, etc, and join your neighbors in improving the area rather than hating on it. Life’s too short to be miserable.

      • OHHHH!!!

        OHHHHH! She told you!!!!


        I really like the new Little Ceasars commercials…..

        • TBone

          This response was the funniest thing I’ve read on the internet today, and maybe ever. Thank you for making my day, whoever you are

        • Brightwoodess

          Best timing ever. Well played.

    • AA

      Um, do you really live here?? We have Wapa cafe which couldn’t get more mom & pop. Chocolate crust as well. If you want more small business GO to the small businesses in the area. These are both within 2 blocks of this little caesar. Oohs & Aahs is also opening up in the Walmart. It’s like you just have your heart set on hating this neighborhood.

      • B-dog

        Moroni brothers is excellent pizza and not far from the walmart. However it is a Petworth business. Woot woot.

  • OHHHH!!!

    this is going to be one hardcore nostalgia trip for me. going to wal-mart, buying some crap then hitting up little skeezers on the way home. 1992 where have you been!?

  • My life is coming full circle. This block just needs a Deb where I can buy cheap, plasticized mini-skirts and a Spencer’s novelty gifts and I’ll be 16 again…

    • Allison

      Whoa Spencer’s. Blast from the past. We can’t forget making eyes (albeit heavily lined goth eyes) in Hot Topic!

    • BitterElitist

      I need keychains, a blacklight poster, the bulb and my weed t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    does this place have a TLE (tire,lube,express)? if not, then it isn’t a “real” walmart(s)

  • Anonymous

    Hrpmh. It’s fine I guess. It’s just not the revitalization we were promised when the Wal-Mart discussion began but it’s a start. I haven’t seen a Little Ceasar’s since one used to be in the Kmart back in my hometown.

    • anon

      What were you promised? Walmart is going to bring people and new businesses to the area, which it’s doing. Did you think it was going to bring an anthropology and le diplomat?

      • Anonymous

        Seriously. People are so fricking entitled, it’s ridiculous.
        “Waaaaaaaah, my house didn’t increase in value by 20% this year and 4 small plates restaurants didn’t open! It’s not fair!!!!!”
        It’s a Wal Mart. What kind of “revitalization” were people expecting?

      • Anonymous

        +1. Of course Walmart will bring in more development, but it won’t be anything high-end.

        • overonhst

          Yep, any-end is better than no-end.

  • Anonymous

    I love how people are acting like they haven’t seen Little Caesar’s in 100 years. I live in CoHi and there’s a Little Caesar’s within a 15 minute drive from my house…

    • Congrats. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen one (or more specifically, noticed one) since the mid-90’s.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you and I’m sorry for you.

        • Somehow I’ve managed to survive, astonishing as that may be.

  • kyle-w

    This pizza is bad. Will certainly be a hit for people on their way home from work (and into MD, again stopping retail leak and encouraging cross-border purchases in the right direction!)

    Go to La Villa at 14th and Crittenden. Much better pizza.

    • Anonymous

      Yes but does that other place have $5 hot ‘n ready? I didn’t think so.

  • jim_ed

    I haven’t been to Little Caesars as an adult, but considering that this retail strip consists of A) abandoned and blighted storefronts, B) Liquor Stores, C) Dumpy dollar stores and D) Bulletproof carryouts, I’m happy to see them open up shop. Brightwood Bistro is already built out for a nice, non-chain restaurant, and has been sitting empty for around 2 years now. It may be a small move in the right direction towards development, but its still a move.

    • brookland_rez

      I agree. Little Caesar’s big draw is the $5 pizza anytime. It’s not very good pizza, but for the money it’s not that bad. And this is better than an empty storefront. I’m sure the Walmart shoppers will be happy to pop in and grab a pizza on the way home.

  • Troy

    Noticed at lunchtime the two young people in Walmart T-Shirts in the park across from Farragut North metro station giving away coupons for free coffee at the new Wal-Mart on H Street, if you go to that store today..Interesting; does Wal-Mart think no one will shop big box in ole Federal City??

    • brookland_rez

      According to news reports, there’s been a lot of people going to the Walmarts. I stopped in at the H St one the other night and it was packed.

  • kook47797

    Little Ceasars = Worst bout of stomach flu/diarrhea in my life.


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