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New Traffic Enforcement Cameras Warning Period Extended but Will Issue Tickets Soon – Check Out the Map to find the Cameras


From MPD:

“DC Street Safe is aimed at using new photo enforcement technologies to combat aggressive and dangerous driving habits that endanger some of our most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicle drivers and passengers. Additionally, DC Street Safe allows traffic safety enforcement in areas and circumstances where it could be dangerous or impractical for police officers to pull over vehicles for violations. DC Street Safe will be comprised of the following new technologies:

Gridlock enforcement units that will improve traffic flow by targeting “blocking the box” at intersections;
Portable stop sign enforcement units to reduce violations in residential neighborhoods ;
Portable crosswalk enforcement units that will enhance pedestrian safety at crosswalks near schools, parks, and recreation centers;
Speed enforcement units that will focus on intersections with known speeding problems;
Units that will enforce rules on oversized and overweight commercial vehicles in order to reduce infrastructure damage and enhance quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The deployment locations for the automated traffic enforcement units were selected based on a variety of criteria, including sites with crashes and injuries, calls for service, high speed volume, near schools, or in zones prohibited for use by certain commercial vehicles. MPD also considered recommendations or requests from the Department of Transportation, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and community organizations.

The new automated traffic safety enforcement cameras will be activated on Saturday, November 23. Cameras at new locations will issue warnings to vehicles for violations until Sunday, December 29. Beginning Monday, December 30, cameras at new locations will issue fines for violations.”

MPD now says the issuing of fines have been a bit postponed. It’s not clear exactly when they will start but MPD tells me via email:

The warning period will be extended. We are still issuing warning tickets. Warning tickets will continue to be issued until every location has 30 days of tickets. We are working to ensure that all possible warning tickets are mailed prior to issuing live tickets.”

DC Metropolitan Police Department Photo Safety Enforcement Camera Locations:

Click on map to see camera locations

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