New Traffic Enforcement Cameras Warning Period Extended but Will Issue Tickets Soon – Check Out the Map to find the Cameras

by Prince Of Petworth December 30, 2013 at 3:15 pm 20 Comments


From MPD:

“DC Street Safe is aimed at using new photo enforcement technologies to combat aggressive and dangerous driving habits that endanger some of our most vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicle drivers and passengers. Additionally, DC Street Safe allows traffic safety enforcement in areas and circumstances where it could be dangerous or impractical for police officers to pull over vehicles for violations. DC Street Safe will be comprised of the following new technologies:

Gridlock enforcement units that will improve traffic flow by targeting “blocking the box” at intersections;
Portable stop sign enforcement units to reduce violations in residential neighborhoods ;
Portable crosswalk enforcement units that will enhance pedestrian safety at crosswalks near schools, parks, and recreation centers;
Speed enforcement units that will focus on intersections with known speeding problems;
Units that will enforce rules on oversized and overweight commercial vehicles in order to reduce infrastructure damage and enhance quality of life in our neighborhoods.

The deployment locations for the automated traffic enforcement units were selected based on a variety of criteria, including sites with crashes and injuries, calls for service, high speed volume, near schools, or in zones prohibited for use by certain commercial vehicles. MPD also considered recommendations or requests from the Department of Transportation, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and community organizations.

The new automated traffic safety enforcement cameras will be activated on Saturday, November 23. Cameras at new locations will issue warnings to vehicles for violations until Sunday, December 29. Beginning Monday, December 30, cameras at new locations will issue fines for violations.”

MPD now says the issuing of fines have been a bit postponed. It’s not clear exactly when they will start but MPD tells me via email:

The warning period will be extended. We are still issuing warning tickets. Warning tickets will continue to be issued until every location has 30 days of tickets. We are working to ensure that all possible warning tickets are mailed prior to issuing live tickets.”

DC Metropolitan Police Department Photo Safety Enforcement Camera Locations:

Click on map to see camera locations

  • Anonymous

    Is the map only showing new camera locations? For instance, the speed camera near Florida and N Street is missing from the map.

  • Anonymous

    That map is nice, but I wish they’d sign all of the speed camera areas uniformly. Some are well-marked, but some are a total surprise.

    • anon

      If you’re not speeding, it doesn’t matter how well or poorly they are marked. For the people who need to drive significantly over the speed limit, you deserve to get a ticket.

      • Anonymous

        yep, agreed. i also wonder how long it will take for folks to just tape cardboard or something over those freestanding ones!

    • Anonymous

      “Some are well-marked, but some are a total surprise.”
      I think that’s how they’re supposed to work. Slow down, Sonic.

  • Anonymous

    The map seems broken. Why are there so many misplaced symbols on Scott Circle?

  • Anonymous

    I just love all you sanctimonious a****es. Seriously. You’ve never gone over the speed limit before? I wish I could be there when you get your first ticket. If I were, I’d say, “slow down Sonic”.

    You’re lame. Every time someone talks about an issue, you have to take it to judgement.

    • HappyCyclist

      When I’ve gone over the limit and gotten a ticket, I didnt complain about enforcement.

      That speed cameras are not well marked simply is not an issue. The whole idea should be to get people to drive the limit everywhere.

      so yeah, slow down. Please.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Lighten up, Francis.

  • Anonymous

    The most irritating thing is that they’re not explaining what the specific violations are. Specifically, what is the rule with regard to pedestrian in crosswalk? If I’m going through the intersection and some crazy runs into the intersection, will I get a ticket? I know there’s no way to fight these.

    They have silly cutesy videos that don’t inform you for the actual law. Hmmmm, more money for the city? Why yes, please.

    “Portable crosswalk enforcement units that will enhance pedestrian safety at crosswalks near schools, parks, and recreation centers;”

    • Anonymous Coward

      And what about pedestrians who enter the crosswalk after the hand starts blinking? Surely we can’t get tickets for a pedestrian’s failure to obey the law. They do it ALL THE TIME. Will they get ticketed?

      • Kam

        Very true. I wholeheartedly believe that most pedestrians and drivers don’t know what the crosswalk signals mean.

  • Kipp

    Hi PoPville,

    Please help me understand the new automated enforcement of the traffic laws.

    Specifically, what will cause me to receive a ticket for pedestrian in the roadway and blocking the box? If a pedestrian is in the crosswalk on the other side of a four lane road and I cross when their foot steps onto the roadway, will I get a ticket? If the back of my car is in the intersection at the second the light turns red, will I get a ticket?

    The silly ad campaign the District is running only informs you that they are ticketing for these offenses but doesn’t say what constitutes an offense. It seems almost as though the DC gov is trying to be vague so as to increase ticket revenue. “NEVER!” They’ll say.

  • Anonymous

    That’s my house in the background. I feel famous.

    • Anonymous

      that’s a house? you should feel rich too!

    • Anonymous

      Super jealous that you live in that little enclave on the Klingle hill. It’s in such a funky location and I love that it’s practically nestled into RCP.
      When did you buy it? What’s it like to live up there? Are all the neighbors very close and friendly?
      Though, when it snows or get icy, that road seems like it would be a pain in the ass to navigate. It’s super steep!
      PS – if anyone up there is renting out a basement apartment, let me know!!!

  • Anonymous Coward

    I’m surprised the roving bands of teenagers don’t vandalize the cameras. They seem ripe for spray paint.

    • Anonymous

      I always thought the same thing. Then again, roving bands of teenagers don’t have cars, so it’s not like they’re getting ticketed.

  • 19th and wyoming

    i get why there is one at california &19th, since that’s right at the entrance to oyster-adams. but why put one at wyoming & 19th instead of columbia and 19th – about 50 feet away, and obviously the much bigger intersection – and from my own experience, one that is truly dangerous, and dangerous for pedestrians of all ages.


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