New Restaurant, Boss Shepherd’s, Coming to 13th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW by Warner Theatre

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2013 at 10:22 pm 12 Comments

13th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW

What an awesome name! A recent liquor license application says Boss Shepherd’s will be a:

“New restaurant serving American cuisine. Occasional entertainment including light music and jazz. Occupancy load is 127.”

Hours will be Sunday through Thursday, 7am – 2 am, Friday and Saturday 7 am – 3 am.


Washington Business Journal reports it comes from:

“Paul Cohn, founder of J.Paul’s and senior executive officer of the Capital Restaurant Concepts [Though he will be leaving CRC, the group is also behind] Old Glory BBQ, Georgia Brown’s, Paolo’s Ristorante, Neyla, The River Club and Club Zei, along with several locations of Paul Bakery”

Boss Shepherd’s will be located just down the block from Warner Theatre:


Check out a statue of the famous Boss Shepherd after the jump.


From outside the John A. Wilson Building.


  • MPinDC

    There was a Boss Shepherd restaurant in Dupont Circle on 17th St – my sister worked there in the mid ’80’s.

    • djdc

      Boss Shepherd’s was pretty good. It was basic American food, if I remember correctly. It was where Agora is now (Peppers, Pigalle, Jack’s).

    • soozles

      That place on 17th was nasty. I hope this place is better.

      • saf

        It was bad at the end, but earlier it was pretty good.

  • Linc Park SE

    It’s strange the high turn over rate of that corner. It was a John Harvard’s brewery, then a Dean n Delucas then something else, a Potbellys, and now this. Between all the Law Firms and theatres – you’d think something would last!

    • I’m pretty sure the potbelly is still open. It’s door is around the corner on E Street.

      • Yep-there hasn’t been anything in that space for the last 4 years I’ve worked near that intersection.

    • every business that has tried that space hasn’t lasted. it’s a bit hidden and off the tourist trail so it will have to rely on mostly office traffic, nearby hotel guests, and those who attend the Warner Theatre but don’t want to walk far after dinner to make the show.

    • The Potbelly is in what used to the Dean and DeLuca spot and is still open (or was yesterday when I bought lunch there!). The restaurant is in a different part of the building. After Harvard’s, it became Bluepoint for a while. but the space has been vacant for years.

  • Anon

    For any that are new to DC, Boss Shepard was the name for the man to start the development of the modern DC as we know it today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Robey_Shepherd

  • Jimmy

    They better include a Shepherd’s Pie on the menu.

  • Harriette Chiavacci

    This restaurant sounds like a great venture. I can’t wait for the opening!


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