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GCDC, Grilled Cheese Bar, Opening Early 2014 near the White House

by Prince Of Petworth December 9, 2013 at 10:22 pm 12 Comments

1730 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Back in August we learned a new grilled cheese restaurant was coming to 17th and Pennsylvania Ave, NW. In October we learned the restaurant would be called GCDC a:

“new fast-casual meets wine bar concept with the goal of bringing the perfect grilled cheese sandwich to the DC. gcdc will offer an exciting menu of perfectly cooked gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, homemade soups, “tater tots,” and an array of different and healthy beverages.”

Now we have an opening date – early 2014:


GCDC will be located just to the west of 17th Street on Pennsylvania Ave:


  • Cool, it’s rare to see a new opening over here. Hopefully it’s not as much of a ripoff as that terrible Big Cheese truck.

  • anonymous

    “an array of different and healthy beverages”? Why even bother if you’re already at a grilled cheese bar? Its like ordering a diet coke with your big mac and fries….

    • Anonymous

      i’d say it’s more like ordering a wheatgrass juice with big mac and fries.
      diet coke is poison to your body.

  • Anonymous

    “White House” is two words, not one.

  • kook47797

    I see this going the way of the cereal place. Can’t see folks paying more than a few bucks for grilled cheese they can easily make at home– and I am sure this place won’t be charging a couple of bucks if they have to pay downtown rent.

    • I think this place is going to be a huge success. So what was the over under for the cereal place? I think they closed in like 6 months. If this spot is still open after a year – you owe me a beer. If they close before then I’ll buy you three. There – I even gave you odds.

      • Anonymous

        Grilled cheese is not very different than a panini, and panini shops seem to do well downtown.

    • kaylee

      I think it will be pretty successful. There are successful grilled cheese restaurants in cities throughout the country. Most of them don’t just make plain grilled cheese-they offer meats, veggies, etc. On a side note, I can make basically anything I get for lunch at home, with a few exceptions (I could probably never make meat that tastes as good as some of the kabob trucks, for example), as could a lot of people, I’m sure. That doesn’t stop me (or a ton of other people) from eating lunch out nearly every day.

  • ymous

    I know I should hate this “concept,” but a crispy, piping hot grilled cheese and glass of chilled white wine just sounds heavenly. Yeah, I could make it at home, but then I would have to make it (and do the dishes).

    • Anonymous

      and you would have to be home, which not a lot of people are during lunch

      • ledroittiger

        You’d also have to either rent or own a home, which is a serious expense for a simple lunch.

    • Anonymous

      For those of us that only get a grilled cheese craving once a year it’s better to just have someone else do it than stock the kitchen with the ingredients. Anyway, it looks like they’ll have non-grilled cheese items as well.


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