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From the Forum – How Long Does it Take to Appeal a Ticket?

by Prince Of Petworth December 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm 22 Comments

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How Long Does it Take to Appeal a Ticket?

“I relocated to the city recently and have received a ticket already. I am appealing the ticket (my defense is one of the seven that the city allows you to appeal on), but I also need to register the car. For people who have appealed tickets before, does it really take six months for the ticket to be reviewed? I want to go ahead and get registered, but obviously cannot wait six months to do so. I’m also curious if it’s possible to register/get DC tags if you have tickets in the appeal process; I know you can’t if you have outstanding charges.”

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  • Anonymous

    I had one that took two years to be reviewed. But sometimes it only takes a month. It’s really variable.

  • Paul Tagliabue

    I had one that took a month or two, I can’t remember exactly. I wouldnt expect it to be a week or two.

  • I submitted applied for adjudication 7 months back. My registration expired 12/02/13 and I couldn’t apply for a new registration without paying for outstanding tickets even though going through appeal. I tried calling DMV but never was able to speak to a human and ended up just paying the 7 month old ticket. I thought it was complete BS but I also didn’t want them towing my car for out-of-date registration.
    I couldn’t stand the thought of going to and requesting adjudication in person during a weekday.

    • DCinD.C.

      I was able to register my car in DC that still had valid (not expired) tags from out of state, despite a pending parking ticket appeal. I don’t remember how long it took to get the results of the appeal (I won), but it was somewhere in the 3-5 month range. I can’t speak to a pending appeal on a moving violation, but assuming this was some sort of parking ticket, as long as the appeal is in their system it should not impede your ability to register the car in DC.

  • cbay

    I had one take 3 years, which was too long so they gave me my money back just because they were taking too long.

  • Dee

    I appealed a ticket by writing a letter and it was dismissed after about a month or two.

  • Anonymous

    I have had numerous tickets I have appealed (12ish) and they have taken anywhere from 2 months to 6 months. During that time, the tickets are basically on hold, meaning they do not count towards infractions against your vehicle…for the time being. Just make sure when you go to the DMV you have a copy of the letter that says tickets x, y, and z are pending an appeal.

  • ontarioroader

    I have two tickets that are almost 2.5 years old with no response other than the initial “we’ll review & get back to you” postcard. I had no problem renewing my registration, just told DMV agent they were being appealed.

  • billionbucks

    This reminds me … I got a ticket placed on my brother’s truck that clearly had the visitor’s pass displayed. I think they pass out tickets just to meet a quota sometimes. Good to know what I’m up against to appeal this ticket …

  • Guest

    I have a ticket pending appeal now. It’s been under review for over one year! No idea what will happen!


    you can do a walk-in hearing for parking tickets. they’ll adjudicate it the same day.


  • Anonymous

    I received my ticket after the 30 day payment period so they automatically doubled it. I submitted an adjudication and it took 11 months to get a response.

  • Flagler Place

    too many variables to give you the straight forward response. I recommend you register and let us know if you have any issue. So don’t worry too much…M’kay?

  • I’m currently in the process of an appeal, about 6 months in. I don’t even own a car, and haven’t for 2 years, and yet still got a ticket (it should have been sent to someone else, but got sent to me, so I have to fix their mistake). It’s pretty absurd.

  • Foughtthelawandwon

    I would highly recommend going in person to appeal the ticket. It may seem like a huge hassel but it only took me 2 hours to be processed and I got all my tickets dismissed- and they weren’t one of the 6 excusable reasons allowed by DC. It may be inconvenient but take an extended lunch break and get it sorted. You do not want to mess around with the failure to register tickets. The meter maids will mess you up!

    • Anonymous

      THIS. Especially if you have multiple, outstanding tickets.

  • Ashley

    Took me about a year for the ticket to be reviewed and the late charge to be taken off. Once the year mark hit I thought they forgot about it! but no they didn’t

  • cahbf

    I currently have an appeal pending since 2006. For real.

  • EB

    Be careful. I asked to have my ticker reviewed. I heard nothing but my account was sent to collections. So frustrating.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone filed an appeal after the first 30 days but before the 60 days? If they reject your appeal, is the fine doubled?

  • KL

    I appealed a ticket once but did not hear back in time before it was due, so I paid it so it wouldn’t double (ignorantly believing that if my appeal was successful, they would credit me back). They sent me a letter saying the payment was admission of guilt and the appeal was dismissed. UGHHH.


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