Washington, DC

photo 1

“Dear PoPville,

At around 6:30, heading west on Columbia Road NW from Adams Morgan toward Mt. Pleasant, a combination DCPD and EMS low-speed convoy was wishing rush hour motorists, bikers, and pedestrians to have, as the robotic voice repeating every 15 or so seconds shouted, a happy holiday. The strange parade consisted of a classic DCPD cruiser, a motorcycle with sidecar, an SUV, an ambulance — all with lights and sirens blazing — and a bicyclist dressed as an elf.

Needless to say, with vehicles (including a Circulator bus) pulling over — as they are trained to do — to avoid emergency vehicles displaying lights and sounding alarms, this gesture caused more trouble than cheer.

If any readers might know more about this, I would love to hear whether this poorly-planned convoy visited other parts of the city? Was it also during rush hour? And, though I’ve worked in the city for years, I’ve only recently just moved here. Is this a regular tradition in this part of town?”

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