Dear PoPville – Anyone Have any Info on My Stolen Computer/Backpack?

by Prince Of Petworth December 17, 2013 at 1:20 pm 21 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Last Saturday my girlfriend’s car was broken into and my computer and car keys were stolen which were in a backpack in the trunk from 11th and T NW. A quicksilver blue/white backpack with a brown/tan patch. Inside had my MacBook air [Serial number C02GFWV6DjWT ], car keys, headphones and law school outlines.

I am in law school at UDC Law and this computer had everything for law school finals which were last week and this week. I made a police report, have been trying to locate via Find my mac device etc. but having no luck.

Then the other day I received an email from Apple stating that an erase was pending but on “Romex’s laptop” which was still showing up in my find my device application as it is really my computer.

I sent a message and a lock request with my number.

I just wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone, possibly may have some information on a macbook air that was stolen.

My email is davebilodeau(at)yahoo.com
Cell is 518-301-0111.”

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  • dat

    Having been through law school, I sympathize with you and hope you get your stuff back.

    To all other law students – BACK YOUR STUFF UP. Especially before and during finals. Put it on dropbox, an extra thumb drive at home, email it to yourself, whatever it takes.

    • gloomingdale

      Yep x 1000

  • Anonymous

    Cue the “That’s what you gets” in 3…2…1…

  • Trinidaddy

    So sorry this happened to you!! Let this be a lesson, especially with important data like law school stuff – back everything up onto the cloud(google drive, amazon cloud drive, etc). Hope you manage to recover it!

    • Anonymous

      And for the Mac users, TimeMachine.

  • I did have things backed up that were important. However, the last few days prior to the finals I added a bunch of outlines that I did not have the chance to back up. Luckily I was able to get outlines from friends. So my concern is locating the computer and whoever Romex is, the backpack and the car keys, not neccessarily the files (as that stress has passed). Thanks for the support PoPville. Such a great community!

    • dat

      “Romex” is probably whoever bought it from the thief.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if erasing your hard drive remotely is a good thing. Wouldn’t it benefit the thieves to have a clean computer to sell? I know someone whose laptop was stolen out of his house on Cap Hill and he received a phone call from a woman who said she bought the laptop from someone off of craigslist and met him in a Target parking lot in VA. He said it was his, but when she booted it up, she found my friend’s name on everything and contacted him to return it because she felt bad it was stolen. While I’m sure that not many people would make that call, it’s worth a shot that there’s another good Samaritan out there?

    • AG

      The OP isn’t erasing the hard drive. He got a message saying that it was being erased, and he requested that it be locked.

  • Anonymous

    Is the car in the picture above your girlfriend’s car? If so, it’s pretty crazy that they got into the trunk to steal your bag. Especially if nothing else was visible in the car itself. My guess is that you were cased and someone saw you loading up the trunk.

    • ledroittiger

      With a whip like that, there is a pretty good chance there would be valuable stuff inside.

      • Anonymous

        This looks like a Toyota. Not exactly a whip.

      • Anonymous

        you mean a camry?!? hahahahaha

        • DC CapHill

          LOL! Yeah, but Sports Edition. All credit due…..

  • 11thSt

    My car was broken into on Saturday afternoon too. We were parked at 11th/O for ten minutes around 3PM. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same dbag(s). FYI, our report was filed with Officer Core of 3D. They grabbed a light blue duffle bag with clothes and a black leather briefcase with a laptop and work docs (anyone in the area casually find these in their trash can?). Pretty brazen considering how much foot/car traffic was on 11th at that time. Does anyone know if that skate park at 11th/RI has cameras set up? OP, good luck recovering your stuff and with finals.

  • Anonymous

    I used to live on the corner of S and 12th St. (the house next to the new coffee shop), and the driveway in the alley (off of 12th) was often used by smash and grabbers for dumping stuff they didn’t want. We came across stuff at least 3 times and once were able to return what was left to the owner. Could be worth peeking in the driveway just to see, given how close the car was to the house. I’m sure the computer won’t be there, but perhaps the other stuff…

    • Anonymous

      That’s right. I often walk my dog down the alley and have found purses, wallets, etc. Hoping Karma will come back to me as two times I found ID’s and call police to pick up. It’s a royal pain getting a new ID in DC once it’s missing.

      • sbc

        It’s awesome that you returned the IDs but as someone who lost mine twice (because I am a moron) I will say that if you have a credit card to pay with and you know the ID # on your driver’s license, you can request a replacement and it just gets mailed to your house…not terribly hard. So:

        * keep the address on your license current (since they’ll only mail it to the address on your license)
        * email yourself your DL number in case you lose it.
        * it still sucks to lose your stuff and people who return it are wonderful.

  • U-ish street neighbor

    Not sure if the timing coincides with the other break-ins but I caught a guy..assuming it was a guy due to his build… after he smashed in the back passenger window of a car and was peering in with a flashlight. This was around 4am Sunday morning on the block of 10th & W. Unfortunetly, he was on a bike so after I yelled at him he bolted. I think he must be using one those safety hammers to use on car windows during emergencies because I just heard a small thud outside my window and the entire car window was completely smashed in.

    On a partially unrelated note ,thieves broke into my car once and stole bags of clothes for the goodwill… seriously, just bags of old clothes. So, seriously, never ever ever anything of value in your car.

  • psoccer55

    My car was broken into on Friday the 6th (or early Sat the 7th) on 11th between T and Vt. Luckily I had nothing in my car and thus nothing was taken. That said I have an 09 Corolla, and thus doubt your car was broken into for any reason other than bad luck.

    I also used to live down by 11th and O for a number of years, and had my car broken into there a year ago. Unfortunately, car break-ins in that area seemed to be endemic. Every Sat and Sun there was a new car broken into. On one occasion, I was told by MPD that they wouldnt park their own cars on 10th as that area had it the worst.

  • WobblingPenguin

    Yeah, the areas around U St and Logan Circle that brush up against Shaw seem to get their fair share of break-ins. Much like the WMATA Police who plant decoys on trains to catch who may try to steal an electronic device, it’d be nice if the Metropolitan Police Department planted a decoy car just to tempt would-be thieves. I for one had my car broken into and I felt like being on the lookout at night to catch one of those losers.


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