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Le Diplomate Preparing for Winter with Enclosed Patio Seating

by Prince Of Petworth — November 19, 2013 at 10:30 am 13 Comments

14th and Q Street, NW

Yesterday we learned Garden District (formerly Standard) would be closing for winter Dec. 8th at 14th and S St, NW. A couple blocks away at 14th and Q St, NW Le Diplomate is taking a different approach. Thanks to @DrewW13 for tweeting us the photo above from the Q Street side:

“Temporary roof going up at Le Diplomate”

  • Anonymous

    Just another example of how DC needs more restaurants with a pedigree of success from OTHER cities that actually have standards for their restaurants. And people with expectations for excellence to go to them here.

    • Anonymous

      you should definitely move to another city

      • monkeyrotica

        I dunno. Once you’ve gotten used to a city like Mordor where expectations for restaurants are set pretty high, where else is a Nazghul supposed to eat? Hobbiton? I don’t think so.

      • asg

        Why is it that whenever anyone criticizes the food in DC, that the standard response is, “move to another city”? Perhaps Anonymous @ 10:42 has a great career here that he/she can’t do elsewhere, or loves everything else about DC other than the food.
        Let’s face it: DC is an extremely mediocre food town. Especially for how many people and how much money is here. Just the other day there was a poll about the best sushi, and the commenters more or less lamented the fact that there just aren’t many good Japanese restaurants in DC. The same can be said for Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, French, etc. What there is a lot of are places that focus more on “concept” (organic, locally sourced, etc.) and less on the quality of the product that is actually coming out of the kitchen. It’s pathetic. Thankfully, Le Diplomate has set the standard for what a dining experience should be.

        • Anonymous

          1. it’s because people in dc have be used to getting shit on and are just very tired of it. you want to complain? gtfo.
          2. there are also those that think we’re good enough. these are also the people that say “move to the suburbs” if someone suggests our crime rates should be lower.
          3. haterz abound.

    • Just look at all the wonderful things Bobby’s Burger Palace has brought us!

    • Manamana

      As a longtime resident of DC, have to say I agree with Anonymous, 10:42. The operation at Le Dip is head & shoulders above what we’re accustomed to, in terms of consistent quality of food and service. And I think that’s why they need to enclose the patio to accommodate the hungry throngs.

  • wdc

    Sweet! I was there last week and sat outside. They had the heaters going, but it wasn’t ideal. When the air was still, we were roasting under the heaters. When the breeze blew the heat away, we shivered until it calmed down. Great solution!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, they need some fans. Otherwise you might end up stinking of cigarette and cigar smoke by the end of your meal.

  • WestEgg

    I’m pleasantly surprised that this sort of thing is allowed by the zoning rules.

    • Anonymous

      Other places on 14th have been rejected for this. Perhaps it’s because Le Diplomat has such a high percentage of food sales?

      • Manamana

        It might be that the enclosed area is private property – not actually on the public sidewalk. Not sure.

  • Ye Olde Gourmand

    This is a violation of the public space permit and the voluntary agreement attendant to this joint. A Stop Work Order should be issued immediately. How did I just know from the moment the placarding first went up on the old dry cleaning shop that this was going to be an ongoing game of trying to get over.

    The fact that someone suggests that this place sets some standard (perhaps as compared to the food and ambiance of the coach section on a second tier French airliner) really illustrates the problem. No one knows any better. More grist for ye olde if its expensive it must be good crowd. Noisy, crowded banal, and utterly lacking in soul, one almost expects Mickey and Minnie to show up at the table, except Mickey and Minnie have been around and know too much. They would opt for a different Table.

    I guess this keeps the “know nothings” away from the worthwhile restaurants so that is positive.


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