Washington, DC


City Blossoms, the Petworth-based non-profit that runs community garden-based education programs for kids in DC and Baltimore, is holding a unique fundraising event on 11/16 at Dacha Beer Garden in Shaw to unveil its “Flying Fish Pepper Hot Sauce.” The sauce is made from, you guessed it, Fish peppers, which are a Chesapeake heirloom variety hot pepper that was prized by African American families and cooks for 150 years until almost disappearing in the early 20th century. City Blossoms has joined the local movement that is trying to bring back the Fish pepper and the big crop the organization grew this year was mixed with salt, sugar, garlic and vinegar to make a fiery and fruity sauce. The event will feature jars of hot sauce ($5 donation), a whole hog from Red Apron Butchery on the BBQ ($5 donation for a sandwich), bluegrass music and a cider toast from Distillery Lane Ciderworks in Maryland. Dacha Beer Garden will also be donating a portion of all beer and cider sold at the event to City Blossoms. Visit www.cityblossoms.org or contact Lola Bloom ([email protected]) if you have any questions or represent a business or organization that is interested in getting involved.”


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