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DC Noodles Very Close to Reopening on U Street (and They Kept the Mural)

by Prince Of Petworth November 20, 2013 at 11:30 am 28 Comments

photo 3
1410 U Street, NW

From DC Noodles’ facebook page on Nov. 2nd:

“What’s that? I think I smell noodles. . . lots of new noodle dishes coming your way very soon. Pay attention for an announcement from DC Noodles regarding our reopening!”

photo 4

I took a peek in the window last week, and they kept the mural:

photo 1

Stay tuned for an exact date when they announce it.


  • Anonymous

    yay! loved this place. glad to see they weathered the construction.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    When is Donburi opening in Adams Morgan?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I forgot how blatantly racist that mural was! I was kind of shocked the first time I went in there and saw it.

    • monkeyrotica

      Come on! Nothing says most authentic oriental cuisine quite like racist caricatures. Can’t wait to try their flied lice!

    • Anonymous

      can someone explain to the uninitiated why it is racist. ( i apologize for my ignorance)

      • common sense

        Perhaps you should do a Google Image search for “Asian stereotype”.

        Or just think for a moment: have you ever seen an Asian person that looks like the ones in that mural? No? Good first step to figuring out it’s a misrepresentation.

    • Boring White Guy

      The owners are Asian-American. I’ll leave it to them to decide whether they consider it racist.
      Context, people.

      • Anonymous

        thats a bit like saying that North Americans can’t be racist when depicting other North Americans.

        • Anonymous

          umm no. North americans aren’t a race.

          • Anonymous

            do you think “asian” is one race?

          • Anonymous

            Um, yes? “Asian” is definitely one race. One nationality? No — but definitely one race.

      • anon

        Context is important, but I’m not sure I buy that whether it’s racist or not depends on the race of the owners. Couldn’t it also be said that if you don’t know the race of the owners, it’s racist, and if you do, it’s not?
        It’s a caricature (with slanted eyes and a Fu Manchu beard). If a restaurant owned by African-Americans painted Little Black Sambo on the wall, would that make the symbol not racist??

      • Anonymous

        Like Dan Snyder has decided that the Redskins name isn’t racist, so I guess it’s not racist and anybody who is offended must be mistaken about their feelings. Context!

        • Anonymous

          Dan Snyder isn’t Native American. So yeah, CONTEXT.
          PoP’ville artistic-outrage brain trust: if the owners wanted to depict an Asian gentleman making noodle soup, how should they have done so without offending your sensibilities?

          • common sense

            By maybe having a mural featuring someone that looks like a normal Asian person instead of racist caricature? Um, yeah, THAT.

  • Anonymous


    • Trueblue

      No it’s not.

  • Anonymous

    Excited for them to reopen, but I wish they had renovated more. Acoustic tiles, please? I love to food, but hate eating there because it is so loud.

  • A

    What about Utopia? Are they reopening soon, too?

  • Leroy

    Excited for this, but I noticed the sign for Coppi’s is gone… are we losing Coppi’s? It was so friggin good…

  • sun

    I’m Asian and love the mural. The fact that it’s an Asian owner matters. Many of us have good sense of humor about ourselves. If the owner were non – Asian I might feel different. Do we know if the ARTIST is Asian? That might better context.

  • Stephanie

    I hope not. Single worst brunch food I’ve ever had in the history of all food.

  • Dan

    So does that mean that every caricature done by someone of another race is racist?

    What about anime?

  • Rich

    Would be happy to see Coppi’s but this place had medicocre, overpriced Thai food with really obnoxious service.

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