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If you have any animal/pet photos you’d like to share please shoot me an email to princeofpetworth(at)gmail(dot)com with ‘Animal Fix’ in the title and say the name of your pet and your neighborhood. Your photos will go into the queue (usually 3-4 weeks wait) and will be posted in the order I receive them. If you’ve already entered your pet and would like to do so again – that’s no problem – just space the entries out a bit.

lette ferrari

“lette ferrari is ready for the NPL!!! (national puppy league)”

Dr. Katz

“Dr. Katz of Columbia Heights.”


“Jet at her first Doggie Dive-In, College Park.”

Info on Adopting Lucy the cat and Polo the dog after the jump.


“Lucy was my Mom’s cat before we took her in last February when my mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed to the point where she was unable to properly care for Lucy any longer.

Lucy is a sweet, adorable cat who is very affectionate and playful. However, Lucy had never in her life lived with dogs before — and we have two of them! We have tried for eight months to help them get along, but it’s a lost cause. Lucy wants none of it and the doggies are just too curious. It’s a bad combination and we have to keep them separated at all times.

As you can see from her pictures, Lucy is very cute. We know she will make her new owner very happy — and that she, too, will be more happy in a home without dogs.

Please contact Chuck Westover at chuck.westover(at)gmail.com if you are interested in adopting Lucy. We want her to find a good living situation so badly that we will even let you take her for a trial period to see if she is right for you. She comes with anything you would need to care for her – fancy dome cat box, a window seat so she can keep an eye on the squirrels, and a bed (which she’ll probably only use when not trying to snuggle you). We’d be happy to provide some of her favorite food as well to make the transition as easy as possible on everyone, including Lucy.”


“My next door neighbor has been caring for Polo, a four-year-old pit bull mix, after the original owner moved out, abandoning him in crate in the basement. The back story is that the owner of the house, a 95 year-old-woman who had lived there since 1955, died without a will, and her family has been fighting over its disposition through the probate process.

Caught in the middle of family infighting is sweet Polo. My neighbor, the grandson who is acting a personal representative for his grandmother and is now caring for the house—and has been taking good care of Polo—can no longer take care of the dog because he is doing work several hours away. Consequently, with no other options, he ended up taking Polo to the shelter on New York Ave. WARL said they did not have space available. Polo is now at the shelter on NY Avenue.”


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