Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

A little bit ago I left my building and discovered seemingly brand new emergency no parking signs placed between approximately 15th and Chapin NW and 15th and Euclid NW put up by DDOT.

At least towards Euclid there is no way these signs were put up any earlier than this morning. Yet the emergency no parking period starts October 11 and goes through October 19. (Maybe this all has something to do with the government reopening?)

While I was taking pictures of the signs a gentleman who has been doing construction work in my building for the past couple of days provided that the signs were put up this morning and that he hadn’t seen anything the last couple days. I did not see anything either, despite checking on my car each evening this week. The gentleman also said that he saw cars being relocated earlier this morning.

After previously getting towed from an emergency no parking zone that I suspect had improperly displayed signs, I feel fortunate that I happened to be home and was able to move my car. Unless DDOT has a very good explanation this seems highly improper.”


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