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Landlord trying to raise rent but refusing to make housing code repairs:

“Hey all. So I’ve been living in the same apartment for a few years now. Landlord wants to raise the rent. I told him i’m not willing to pay higher rent if he’s not willing to make certain repairs. Some of these are repairs I think are mandated by the housing code, including repairing: peeling paint, holes in the wood flooring and loose floorboards that have developed over time through wear and tear, gaps in would paneling in the floor through which ants get in, and gaps in the windows which similarly allow in insects.

I’ve taken photos, shared them with the landlord, who seems to think there’s no problem there and told me to pay up or else.

I think my move here is to contact the housing inspector and get him on record (although i’m hoping the threat of a housing inspection will get him in line). It also turns out he’s not registered as landlord with the proper office in DC and probably has an illegal basement apartment. All reasons I’d think a sensible landlord would back off and make the repairs.

Anyone have any experience with this? Can I withhold rent once the housing inspector finds violations?”

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