Washington, DC

10th and V Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I almost wrecked my car when I saw this just now. I asked one of the workers what was happening and he said they were “installing some new windows to respond to concerns from the community.”

This community member is sincerely grateful for it. SORG should get credit when deserved; they’ve certainly gotten much deserved criticism over the years for this property. I’m hoping there will be some lighting to go with it, but this is a huge, if principally cosmetic step. I wish SORG would engage with the community. They’d have a lot more friends in the neighborhood if they did.

Other neighbors have spoken to other workers and have been told that they are starting on a condo project, not just installing windows on the ” target=”_blank”> church at 10th and V. Either way, it’s great to see progress.”


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