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From a press release:

Raven’s Night returns to the legendary Birchmere on Saturday, October 26, 2013, for a dark and decadent evening that celebrates both the devilish tricks and sexy treats of Halloween.

This is the Halloween event of the season where you should be. Offering world-class belly dancers, live musicians and an opportunity to dress in your Halloween best.

Co-Producers Belladonna and Ken Vegas continue to explore new dimensions in macabre entertainment. Their Raven’s Night extravaganza combines three distinct elements that often blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality. (Please be advised that the adult content of this show may not be suitable for all ages.)

1st, upon crossing the Birchmere’s threshold, you enter the “All Hallows Eve Exposition,” a flashback to World’s Fairs of centuries past. This scintillating spectacle features a carnival and sideshow, with a mystical theme. In keeping with the spirit of Raven’s Night, you are encouraged to wear creative holiday attire, to enhance your experience. Whether it’s formal, steam punk, fantasy, gothic, industrial, or whatever piques your imagination, the emphasis is on expressing yourself and having fun!

2nd, as the evening progresses, the ballroom opens, and the “Salon Lunaire Concert” begins. Live music provides an entertaining interlude as you dine and drink, while eagerly anticipating the denouement of Raven’s Night, “Villains”—a showcase of mesmerizing belly dance performances.

3rd, this Cabaret Macabre Belly Dance Show pays homage to fierce Villains and Villainesses, both past and present. Through the intricate movements of their stellar choreography, world-class dancers reinterpret some of the most famous fables of old, twisting once-familiar stories into tantalizing tales. As these exotic performers salaciously slither and shimmy across the stage, they taunt your senses—and may even tickle your fancy—leaving you wanting more.

Please be advised that the adult content of this show may not be suitable for all ages.

Event: Raven’s Night
Date: Saturday, October 26, 2013
Location: The Birchmere Music Hall, 3701 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria, VA
Doors: 5:00 pm
Event Times:
All Hallows Eve Carnival, 5:30–6:30 pm;
Salon Lunaire Concert, 6:30–7:00 pm;
Cabaret Macabre, 7:30–10:30 pm
Tickets: $25 (plus service charge); includes Carnival, Concert, and Cabaret


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