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Huge Columbia Heights News – Filipino Restaurant from Owner of Room 11 Coming to 11th Street

by Prince Of Petworth — September 13, 2013 at 10:30 am 47 Comments

3226 11th Street, NW

From the owners:

“Genevieve Villamora & Nick Pimentel (an owner of Room 11) will introduce DC to Filipino food in a festive, neighborhood setting at 3226 11th St NW (former El Rinconcito Deportivo). We will serve a range of iconic Filipino dishes, snacks and comfort food alongside a thoughtfully curated beverage program.”

Stay tuned for more details on a name, chef, and opening date.

  • spartanindc

    Please tell me there will be lumpia

  • Kam

    Yayyy lumpia. I can finally get my fix.

  • AllTheThings

    Tell me about Filipino food, which I just realized I’ve never really had. Is it similar at all to Indonesian/Malaysian food (in which case I’ll be all over this place all the time)?

    • anonymous

      Filipino food is nothing like Malaysian or Indonesian food. Am Filipino, lived in Malaysia and been to Indonesia several times.

  • Nick

    Stoked. Insanely stoked. Don’t know anything about Filipino cuisine but i love the Pinoy Boy and am looking forward to an education.

  • Anonymous

    For the record both Corduroy’s bar and sister restaurant Baby Wale have be serving very traditional style lumpia. Blew my mind.

    • vz

      I wouldn’t call Baby Wale’s take quite “very traditional”, but it hits the spot. More pork than usual, and while I know some do the long roll style, but the shorter rolls are what I’ve always had at family gatherings (Visayan, btw). And the sauce is solid.

  • Anonymous

    am cautiously optimistic. love filipino food (lived there when i was a kid) but have never been to a good filipino restaurant in the states.

    • zcf

      Manila Mart in Beltsville MD is pretty good

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if el reconcito relocated? Or did they just close forever?

    • Anonymous

      It’s gone forever. There are at least two other “El Rinconcito” restaurants within a few miles away, but they’re all unaffiliated.

  • Anonymous

    This is a really great idea, and a welcome addition to the strip. I hope it’s reasonably priced.

    • Anonymous

      +1. I think Room 11 makes quality dishes, but the portions are small and the prices always seemed out of line, even before the strip started to blow up. Actually, I wish all of the restaurants on 11th street had prices more in line with the “neighborhood” places they purport to be.

      • JS

        Not to snark, but have you looked at recent sales prices in CH? 828K just up the block, 750K around the corner. I’m pretty sure people buying those places can afford Room 11’s prices every now and then.

  • vz

    I am so excited about this. I’ve heard murmurings of another Filipino option coming to DC as well. Mabuhay, DC [email protected]!

  • leodegras

    I grew up in this neighborhood, and I hated being afraid all the time and having bars on my doors and windows. There is nothing “quaint” about living behind bars. And what is a “carefully curated beverage program?” Why can’t they just say drinks?

    • Anonymous

      My neighborhood (Eastern Market) is constantly being described as “quaint” but most of us have bars on the windows. And what about all those beautiful Italian town where it’s also standard to have window bars? It doesn’t mean we’re afraid, just taking an extra step to deter criminals.

      • jcm

        Who wants the view out the window to look like a jail? I hated living with bars on my windows, and was really happy to remove them.

  • DowntownJim84

    Does anyone know if any Phillipino dishes are prepared with almond milk? I look forward to checking this place out!

    • Some dishes are prepped with coconut milk, especially if they hail from the South Philippines. Some desserts are also prepared with coconut milk. I know of no dishes which would use almond milk by default (unless used as a substitution).

  • capcityrdrz

    If this restaurant is going to be a reflection of their owner(s), I’m going to be so stoked.

  • Colhi

    Only have had Filipino food a few times and it was awesome. i am very excited about this!!

  • 11th ster

    That was just one outpost of el reconcito, the main one across from Giant is still alive and well.

    • Anonymous

      The Rinconcito on Park Rd and on 11th street are unaffiliated with this one.

      Rinconcito Deportivo had one of the most disgusting bathrooms in DC.

  • Anonymous

    Adobo chicken!!

  • Anonymous

    Nothing but quality out of those two so I expect a beauityful, delicious and painfully expensive spot that will be packed.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope the kitchen is faster than at Room 11. I had to stop going there given how bad their system is… I hope they get it together, it could be awesome.

  • About time!

    • ALSO – calamansi mimosas. Like for real.

  • Suomynona

    I hope they have lechon, the oven roasted kind, not kawali

    • Anonymous

      does it resemble Latin American lechon?

      • CREG

        It’s very similar to Latin American lechon, except for one thing. The Filipinos make it better! ; p

        • Suomynona

          When done right, it’s awesomely crisp. And, if they have the liver dipping sauce, it’s heaven. Of course, no one could make it better than my mom.

  • Roz

    Truly huge.

  • Anonymous


    Between this new venture and Petworth Citizen and the other Petworth Japaneese/French place, my friends and I couldn’t be more stoked!

    11th St and Upshur are where it’s at! Chez Billy still has my heart though.

    • neighborly


  • Anonymous

    gonna miss rinconcito…cheap pitchers of margaritas, papusa (if you go there at the right time), toungue tacos…

  • Anonymous

    A shame that the worst restaurant on 11th street is opening a second place in the former best restaurant.

    • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    Totally excited for this place. It’s going to be great.

  • CREG

    I hope this new restaurant serves both western approved fare and the traditional Filipino dishes that employ parts of the animal found unsavory in the states. While lumpia, bbq on a stick and chicken adobo are delicious, I would be sad to see the lack of dinuguan, sizzling sisig and chicharron bulaklak. Can you imagine eating some sisig after a night out? Add in sinigang to the menu, preferably with shrimp, and this place will have an eager weekly patron.

    • Suomynona


    • Chris

      I don’t think you need to worry. Nick told me they tasted a Dinuguan, and Pinakbet recipe the other night with the chef. He was also talking about fresh tamarind pods vs tamarind concentrate regarding Sinigang and somthing about 2 different type of duck eggs for Balut.

      • CREG

        Thank you for the good news, Chris! So impressed they’re thinking about using tamarind pods, instead of Mama Sita mix. Any word on Halo Halo being on the menu? If so, every frozen yogurt place in DC just lost my business for the summer.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Lechon, pancit & halo halo!

  • Sami

    RIP el riconcito!!!!


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