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Red Line Metro Train Derails Overnight (non-passenger train) between Rhode Island Ave and Brookland. Expect Major Red Line Delays Today, No Service between Fort Totten and NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2013 at 6:34 am 16 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Barbara.K


“Metro is advising Red Line riders of a major service disruption that will impact service Friday, August 30, due to an overnight derailment of a non-revenue train between Rhode Island Avenue and Brookland stations.

Service Information

There is no Red Line train service between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations until further notice. Customers are advised to avoid the eastern side of the Red Line if possible.
• Riders may experience longer waits for trains and increased crowding on the Red Line today.
• Between Shady Grove and NoMa-Gallaudet, trains will operate every 5 to 10 minutes during the morning rush hour.
• Between Glenmont and Fort Totten, trains will operate every 10 to 15 minutes during the morning rush hour.
• Riders are strongly encouraged to use the Green Line as an alternate route between Fort Totten and Gallery Place (Downtown DC). Passengers arriving via Red Line trains at Fort Totten should transfer to Green Line trains on the lower level.
• Limited shuttle bus service will be available between Fort Totten, Brookland, Rhode Island Ave and NoMa-Gallaudet stations. Passengers using shuttle bus service should expect significantly longer travel times.
• Regular route Metrobus service may be an option for some riders. To check, use Metro’s Trip Planner and select the “bus only” option.

The derailment occurred around midnight as the system was closing. The train involved was being moved from one rail yard to another. It was not carrying passengers, and there were no injuries.

The incident caused damage to track equipment in the area of Rhode Island Station, including the third rail, signal cables and track components.

Metro personnel are working to restore normal service as quickly and safely as possible. However, at this time there is no estimate on when normal service will be restored. The area where the derailment occurred is scheduled to be out of service starting at 10 p.m. Friday, through the Labor Day weekend, for rebuilding work.

The cause of the derailment is under investigation.”

  • anon

    “Limited” shuttle bus service? It should be full-on dedicated shuttle bus service for this major breakdown of service. They should go so far as to provide free MARC passes for those who can travel from College park or another station that has MARC. Luckily, I was able to take the Green line to Chinatown and transfer to the Red line to get to Union Station. If it was a total cluster, I could have walked to work from Chinatown (which I have before.)

    • blahblahblah

      Seriously. I know that this was a last minute problem and they are scrambling for a solution. But this response is pretty weak. You can’t just take a large, busy chunk of the Red Line out of service indefinitely. And there should be a contingency plan for how to get people where they are going in a reasonable amount of time in the event of a system failure.

  • foursilverhearts

    Why would you take the shuttle bus if you weren’t trying to get on the train at Brookland or Brentwood? I hopped on the Green Line at Fort Totten and transferred back to the Red Line at Gallery Place, and it only added a few minutes to my commute.

  • anon

    I take the Green line from College Park to Fort Totten, transfer to the Red line and go to Union Station. That wasn’t possible this morning with no Red line service from Fort Totten to Noma.

    • jt21

      College Park to Gallery Place to Union could work.

      • anon

        “College Park to Gallery Place to Union could work.”

        That’s what I did, and what I usually do when there are Red line problems. But I feel bad for passengers who don’t have that option and have to take the Limited shuttle bus.

  • Anonymous

    …and this is why I live 2 blocks off the Red Line and still drive to work 90% of the time. It absolutely cannot be trusted.

    • Anonymous

      Dramatic much?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, very much. Constantly, in fact.

  • BeverlyS

    I just took a taxi from Union Station to where I work in Brookland. The station attendee said the shuttles were only departing north from NoMa every 7 to 10 minutes – whether or not that was true, it seemed odd that the shuttles weren’t running more frequently. This could be because of a.m. traffic, but I’m guessing it’s because not a lot of people work or are commuting to those areas out of service.

  • Anonymous

    Why, sure, we can handle the Olympics!

  • abefroman329

    The Green Line was fucked this morning too. Took me about 30 mins to get from Columbia Heights to Gallery Place. Every other southbound train was out of service.

  • SF

    Well, that just blew up my morning. They don’t seem to be running the shuttle buses anymore. And the green line was INCREDIBLY slow.

  • CHGal

    I transfer from green to red at Ft. Totten every day. This didn’t effect me as I was going in the opposite direction., but I have to say I was impressed how many WMATA personnel were on site giving information and directions. There was a much bigger crowd than usual transferring from southbound red to green, but there didn’t really seem to be any problems (at 9 am).

  • teetime87

    I’m usually the first one to gripe about WMATA and the redline service in general, but I think in this instance (because it happened in the wee hours) they did the best they could with what they had. The problem will purportedly be fixed for the pm rush commute tonight so it was a morning of inconvenience for everyone living on that side of the tracks.

    One thing I’ll never understand when redline has disruptions is why don’t they have more green/yellow lines trains running more frequently? I transferred to greenline from ft.totten and the green/yellow lines were running every 5 minutes but seemed very backed up with frequent stops that added an additional 25 minutes to my commute.


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