Washington, DC

2100 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word about the change coming to Pines of Florence on Connecticut Ave between north Dupont and Woodley Park. A website for Jambalaya Room says:

“Welcome to the Jambalaya Room: Thank you for your visiting the Jambalaya Room! Experience the best, and the most authentic Louisiana Cajun & Creole Cuisine on the East Coast!! The imitators and duplicators of Louisiana Cajun & Creole Cuisine who label their dishes as “Orleans…” “Cajun…” or “Creole…” I am here to set the record straight for the sake of people who know TRUE Louisiana Cajun & Creole Cuisine. I have the best story of how I arrived here…driven by the need to have authentic Cajun & Creole cuisine on the East Coast. I am ready to share that story with everyone. Allow me to rescue your palate from its past disappointments—and give you the authentic Creole & Cajun Cuisine experience outside of New Orleans.”

You can see their future menu here.

I called Pines of Florence and was told they will remain open while the menu is finalized and some small renovations will take place as well. They were unable to tell me an exact date when the change will occur. Updates when the change is official.

Back in Nov. 2012 Pines of Florence briefly rebranded as a bakery and cafe.  Before that we previously judged them back in Jan. 2009.

Looking forward to seeing how Jambalaya Room turns out.


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