Washington, DC


From Qualia:

What: Coffee-Doughnut Pairing
Who: District Doughnut
Where: Qualia Coffee, 3917 Georgia Avenue NW
When: August 18, 8AM-6PM

District Doughnut Pop-Up Shop at Qualia Coffee Featuring Select Coffee&Doughnut Pairings

District Doughnut in association with Qualia Coffee is proud to announce a one-day only event featuring this classic pairing. The pop-up shop will offer a variety of doughnuts with recommended single-origin coffee pairings to accompany them. District Doughnut fries up some of the most delicious and tempting treats in town. Varieties such as Brown-Butter, Caramel Apple Streusel, Orange Chocolate and Dulce de Leche tap into childhood memories while satisfying adult tastes. Qualia Coffee features seasonally sourced coffee from around the world, roasted in house, brewed to order and served up fresh. Offerings from Nicaragua, Sumatra, Ethiopia and India appeal to a wide range of tastes. District Doughnut and Qualia Coffee together offer a unique melding of flavor combinations to tantalize DC’s taste buds.

As kids, the founders of District Doughnut could never get their hands on enough delicious sweets. Now, they are recreating that pure childhood delight in fresh, gourmet doughnuts with pure ingredients and artisan hand-crafting technique. District Doughnut delivers a customer experience that is a cut above, exemplified by pure products and delightful customer service. All orders are hand-delivered by the owners in suit and tie, and a downtown store front is on the way.

The owner of Qualia Coffee is on a mission to raise the profile of single-origin brewed coffee to a new level of appreciation in DC. By carefully sourcing an eclectic variety of coffees on a seasonal basis, then roasting them in house using methods that leverage both craft and science, Qualia has introduced scores of DC residents to a fresh coffee experience. You won’t find our coffee on store
shelves where they might sit for days or weeks. It’s only available through the Petworth coffee shop and at select farmers markets.”


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