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Update on new Restaurant, Thally, Coming to 1316 9th St, NW – Hoping to Soft Open in August

by Prince Of Petworth July 24, 2013 at 10:22 pm 23 Comments

1316 9th Street, NW

The following was written by dcreba. She lives – and often eats – in Logan Circle. She previously wrote about the newly renovated Art & Soul.

It appears that Thally, the brainchild of co-owners Sherman Outhuok and executive chef Ron Tanaka, is closer and closer to a summertime opening. Construction was initially expected to complete by end of June but as these pictures show, the bones are finally in place and a tentative opening is slated for early August. Outhuok, former AGM and bar manager at Maple and managing partner at Posto, describes Thally – named for his daughter – as a modern American restaurant with a true neighborhood focus.

With the influx of new and often cost prohibitive restaurants opening in the area, Outhouk and his partners aim to make Thally a welcoming spot “with a comfortable vibe,” says Outhuok. “You know, you treat people as you would in your own home. Friendly, respectful.”


The 2100 square foot restaurant will seat 70 people, including 12 at the bar. High ceilings and industrial finishes will be tempered by bright graphics designed by Matt Hlubny, a local freelance artist. A 16′ granite bar will run half the length of one dining room wall; banquette seating will continue where the bar drops off. A godfather table will feature prominently in the front picture window, prime real estate for people watching and conducting business. There will be a semi private dining room in the back that is available for larger groups or events as well. The full bar will feature cocktails, 12 taps of rotating craft breweries, and housemade sodas. The wine list will change frequently, too – Outhuok envisions a list of 24 wines each day; six wines by the glass that will rotate weekly. Tanaka has full control of the menu, which will also change seasonally and emphasis will be on fresh ingredients and simple but elegant presentations. Tanaka’s focus is on delivering a menu that is “technique and flavor/food driven.” We’ll have to stay tuned to see what that will look like.


Thally plans to soft open in early August and will be serving dinner exclusively Tuesday through Saturday evenings. The website, www.thallydc.com, is expected to drop in the next week and will provide additional details regarding menu, hours, and concept. It is located at 1316 9th Street NW, between N and O Streets.

  • justinbc

    [With the influx of new and often cost prohibitive restaurants opening in the area, Outhouk and his partners aim to make Thally a welcoming spot “with a comfortable vibe,” says Outhuok. “You know, you treat people as you would in your own home. Friendly, respectful.”]
    Notice how they don’t actually comment on what they’re pricing will be, despite leading in with that. But they’ll be friendly!

    • Anonymous

      If you owned this restaurant would you say what your pricing was before you even finished building the kitchen? Be reasonable dude, at least they have a goal in mind.

      • justinbc

        Then why even lead in with that if you’re not going to offer some sort of counter to it? You might as well say “with all of the small plates places taking over NW DC the owners have decided to train their staff only on Saturday.”

        • andy2

          Perhaps they are leading with that because it is their guiding principal – to create a friendly, neighborhood restaurant that is priced so you can go more frequently than once or twice a year? I don’t know but that was my guess after reading it – and more power to them, especially with real estate in this city.

          • Anonymous


    • Anon

      Hs any restaurant ever opened and you haven’t complained about the price? We get it, you can’t afford to go out here. Get over it then. But it defeats the purpose of complaining if you do so about every single new restaurant.

      • justinbc

        1) You clearly do not know how much I go out to eat.
        2) You clearly did not understand the point of my post.
        I’m not complaining about the prices whatsoever. I’m complaining that they mention other restaurants are expensive, and then mention NOTHING about what they’re pricing structure will be.

        • justinbc

          I have no idea why I keep typing they’re instead of their, damn busy day.

      • Anonymous

        Based on the firsthand knowledge he demonstrates about DC dining he must eat out for almost every meal. I’d be concerned about prices too if I were doing that.

  • Anonymous

    in before some idiot complains about pricing or portion sizes.

    oh wait, justinbc beat me to it.

    this is great news!!

    • justinbc

      I did neither of those things, try again.

  • Boozehound

    With such limited seating in a pricey area, I don’t see how they will be able to charge anything less than other “cost prohibitive” restaurants and stay in business. Also, seasonal ingredients and house made sodas may as well be code words for entrees starting around $22 and up…with the exception of a token vegetarian offering for $18. In any case, Posto has been a testament to mediocrity on both occasions that I’ve been there, so my expectations for this new place are well tempered.

  • Glinda

    Looking forward to it. I like Maple a lot. People complain about prices, but rents are expensive in the Logan area, and to have cocktails with quality ingredients and good wines and food with local produce costs money. I think people have forgotten that eating out is not supposed to be an everyday thing, it’s a fun luxury now and then. I cook at home most of the time, and eat out no more than once a week, sometimes less so when I do go out I want nice high quality food and I don’t mind paying for it if it’s good. You get what you pay for most of the time.

    • justinbc

      This would actually be in Shaw, not Logan, but yes still not exactly an inexpensive neighborhood.

      • Anonymous

        It is Logan. The border is 9th street.

        • Anonymous

          Logan border is 10th St NW

  • Anonymous

    Quality products don’t come cheap.
    If you want better quality (non-industrial, smaller scale) at franchise prices, you won’t it here, or anywhere. That is the nature of our food system and the economics of large vs small scale production which anyone with a rudimentary economics education should understand. Bitch all you want. That makes more seating available for the rest of us.
    A $22 entrée consisting of 4-5 ounces of protein that isn’t fed steroids or hormones and other components that aren’t frozen or made off site does not exist in this city. Consider the Applebee.

    • Anonymous


      8 bucks.


      • Anonymous

        Awww, that’s cute.
        You just compared Chipotle (1400 restaurants, $278 million in revenue, 37,000 employees) to an independent restaurant.
        Now go drink some warm milk and let the adults explain to other kids all about the monies involved in a grown-up’s lemonade stand.

    • justinbc

      It should be pointed out that the only people complaining about menu prices are the owners of this proposed restaurant. Are you suggesting they dine at Applebees rather than opening a restaurant?

      • anon

        Justinbc – I don’t know who you are, and I hope I never have to meet you. Your comments are ridiculous, especially this last one. Have you forgotten that you’re the one who made the ridiculous, complaining comment about prices in the first place? It seems to me that you should be the one who dines at Applebees.

        As for Thally, I can’t wait for it to open. It will most definitely be a welcome addition on 9th St.!

        • Anonymous

          he said the restaurant never mentioned their own menu prices. he didn’t complain about them because well they aren’t even published yet, so how could he?

        • Anonymous

          This is exactly why i choose to remain anonymous. Any time you establish a “presence” on a website people think they “know” you and have a right to make assumptions about you from a few sentences they probably misread. The guy above commenting on someone he never met personal finances is even worse and laughable.


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