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Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Downtown/Penn Quarter

by Prince Of Petworth — July 2, 2013 at 3:00 pm 25 Comments

801 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 801 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 10.58.39 AM

The listing says:

“Just like a corporate rental but can be enjoyed by non-corporate as well. Fully furnished, two bedrooms and two full baths. Walls of glass, living room and dining room have French doors that lead to a walk out terrace. Unit includes dishes, silverware, et cetera. Luxury bldg w/concierge, 24 hr security, on-site mngt, roof deck with pool, fitness w/his/her sauna, rental pkg available.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $3,990/Mo.

  • Anonymous

    So it’s priced so high that no one but a corporation could possibly afford it, but if you are willing and able to pay $4000/month they’ll let you have it? How kind of them.

  • Alan

    Terrible location for the price, maybe if it was like Dupont or Logan. Even so you could get comparable place for $1000 less nearby. Who wants to pay extra to be surrounded by tourists?

    • Anonymous

      Tourists aside, this location is pretty awesome. It’s so close to everything– shopping and dining, the museums, the Capitol, the White House, downtown– and every single metro line is within a few blocks. You really can’t say that about Dupont or Logan.

      • anonnnn

        If you consider that “everything,” then I guess this place is for you. Every neighborhood has shopping and dining. Most locals couldn’t care less about the museums, the Capitol, or 1600 Penn (unless they work in one of those buildings). The only advantage this neighborhood has is having every metro line within a few blocks, but I only consider that an advantage because, if I lived there, I would want to escape as often as possible as easily as possible. Except that’s not even an advantage because metro sucks.

        • Anonymous

          Okay… so what exactly do Dupont and Logan Circle have that this location does not?

        • Anonymous

          “Most locals couldn’t care less about the museums,”

          wtf? the museums are the best thing about dc.

          • Anonymous

            +1 about the museums but also adding love for the capitol building. no matter how many times I walk past I still think it’s awesome.

          • Caroline

            +1 This location doesn’t have enough of a neighborhood feel for me (and I couldn’t afford it anyway), but one of the things I love about living just east of here is being able to walk around the Capitol and Library of Congress grounds. It never gets old to me. I also do go to the museums and botanical gardens quite a bit, and plan on spending much of this coming weekend at the Folklife Festival on the Mall. So yes, there are locals who actually use these amenities. I’m sorry the sight of tourists bothers you so much that you can’t enjoy them yourself.

            Furthermore, this location is convenient to a lot of places of employment, as well as Virginia. I suppose Dupont had some cutesy boutique stores, but Metro Center and Chinatown are much better for basic shopping. The only thing this location is lacking, besides the neighborhood feel, is a good grocery store.

        • Anonymous

          aaaaaaaaand that’s a shame….. considering all the Smithsonian museums are FREE and knowledge is power

          • anonnnj

            Why do free things when you can pay to do things? Only the poors do things like that, and if you’re living in this place you aren’t poor. Or maybe you are because you’re spending all your money on rent.

            This place has some positives… awesome terrace, pool… but there isn’t a whole lot to do RIGHT there. As convenient as this location seems, it’s really inconvenient.

          • Anonymous

            What isn’t there to do right there?

          • anonnnnj

            a grocery store, for one thing.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, we already established that’s the one thing this area is missing. Lots of people are fine with grocery delivery, so I don’t see that as a dealbreaker. What else?

          • Anonymous

            Other commenters pointed out that it’s eerily deserted on weekends and evenings, and that many of the things you want in the neighborhood where you live (drug store, cheap eats) are only open when you will be at work.

          • Anonymous

            So you go a few blocks up the street to Chinatown….

          • Anonymous

            But for some, that’s the point — if you have to go a few blocks to not be in a creepy deserted place, then it’s not an appealing place to live.
            But we all prioritize different things in what we want our neighborhoods to have and to be like, so for some this location is great. And if they have $4k per month to spend on rent, they can live here!

          • anonnnj

            I guess that there are things within a few blocks, just not things I’d prefer to have right there. This all gets down to what will make you happy when you go home at night. A lot of people like the big, sterile downtown buildings. A lot of people don’t mind spending a lot on every meal, even if it’s kind of crappy. A lot of people don’t mind being constantly surrounded by people who don’t know city etiquette when walking down the street. Those things just aren’t for me. I’d rather deal with them on occasion than on a daily basis.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it’s a travesty to have to walk two blocks to get a sandwich after 6pm. I’m sure most commenters here have to walk at least that far to get to anything.

          • anonn

            You can get a sandwich within 2 blocks of here after 6 pm? Where? There aren’t many good daily options for dinner in the area. Yes, there are some great places (Rasika, Cedar, Minibar) within a few blocks, but you can’t eat at those places every day. I suppose you can walk all the way up to Verizon Center for Chipotle and McD’s, but you’ve got problems if you are eating those every day. Are there options (plural) for decently priced non-fast food on a daily basis?

  • Lackadaisi

    This seems like a good deal to me. Most two bedrooms in the neighborhood are going for just a bit less, but this one is big, in a great location, and has a really great terrace. There are very few nice terraces around.

  • skj84

    Great location, Metro accessible, fully furnished and sweet terrace, pool and gym? This seems like a great deal! Honestly they had me at fully furnished. I’m genuinely curious why some think this is a ripoff? What do you think rent should be?

  • Anonymous

    Agree with the other poster that this locations sucks. Much better to be on Cap Hill, 14th Street, Logan/Shaw or even out in H Street imo. This area is a ghost town after 6 pm and on weekends with most of the cheaper eats closed at non-work hours.

    • jcindc

      I disagree with the assessment that it’s a ghost town. I lived around the corner up until two summers ago – and even two summers ago, it was pretty crowded at nights and on weekends. Maybe not right outside this doorstep, but within a block, there’s plenty going on. We still frequent the area on weeknights and weekends because my gym is near here and its a quick metro/bus ride from our current neighborhood. I’m always amazed at how many people are around here off-hours, compared to how things were in 2005 (which is when we first moved to that area). And for weeknight takeout, I actually think this area has better options than the locations you mentioned.

      As for the price, I think it’s pretty good in light of it being furnished, but I think the furnishings would annoy me to no end, as it’s just not my style (especially that really large creepy portrait).

      • Anonymous

        I agree. Never lived here, but my evening/weekend walks often take me to this area and it’s usually pretty busy. Much more so than downtown or the more residential areas.

        • anonn

          I thought this was downtown. Also, Penn Ave has always seemed dark and creepy at night to me, but if you head up a few blocks there are a ton of people around the bars and restaurants on 7th.


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