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Well this is awesome – thanks to Shannon for sending word and photos. From Woz Cup 2013:

“We are honored to host the International Segway Polo Community in Washington, D.C., from July 20th to the 24th for a four day World “Woz” Challenge Cup at Hotchkiss field at Gallaudet University. The Cup will not only showcase the beauty of Washington D.C., but will also offer Segway Polo teams from around the world a chance to meet and play the sport they love.”

And there is still time to watch them:

How much does it cost to come watch the Woz Cup?

Nothing! It’s free!
Where is the Woz Cup?

Games will be played on Hotchkiss Field at Gallaudet University in Northwest Washington DC.
When will games take place?

Games will be played Sunday, July 21st through Wednesday, July 22.

Game times are 10am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. The Championship game is scheduled to start at 5pm on Wednesday.
What is Segway Polo?

Basically, Segways + Polo = Segway Polo!

2 teams of 5 players each (riding Segways, of course) attempt to put hit a ball through the goal of the opposing team. Play consists of 4 8-minute chukkas. For more, check out the International Segway Polo Association.

Who plays Segway Polo?

This year, 9 teams from 5 countries will compete:

Balver Mammuts (Germany)
Blade Allstars (Germany)
Funky-Move Turtles (Germany)
Polo Bears (USA)
Silicon Valley Aftershocks (USA)
Segway Polo Club of Barbados
Cedars (Lebanon)
Stockholm Vikings (Sweden)
Stockholm Saints (Sweden)



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