Ibiza Night Club Files for Bankruptcy in NoMa

by Prince Of Petworth July 9, 2013 at 3:15 pm 21 Comments

1222 1st Street, NE

[email protected] tweeted the news yesterday:

“Cue the sad slow jam: Ibiza Nightclub filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 3 http://bit.ly/10IVbfQ

And in more bad news ANC Rep @TonyTGoodman tweets:

“Yet another Ibiza incident: ABRA show-cause hearing tomorrow for assault, sale to minor, interfering w/ investigation & more.”

Back in late May we learned the club, including “nude dancing license” was for sale for $4.5 Million.

  • Anonymous

    man, when I was in school in milwaukee there was this one underage bar we used to go to a bunch. they took our money we drank beer, pretty simple. I used to think it was totally awesome… now I see placed like this and just shake my head serving to minors… tisk tisk. time kills the kid in all of us huh? shame on them for the other offenses though.

    • Anonymous


  • ShawGuy

    That’s AWESOME news! Hopefully this place will shut down already and the license can be sold to a responsible operator with a reasonable establishment and the building can be redeveloped into something that is a more productive use of the land (like, maybe, something that’s used more than two or three nights per week – maybe even something that gets used during the DAY).

    • ledroittiger

      It’s a shame this place didn’t burn to the ground earlier.

  • Nicoli

    It would be great if you could have a developer/city partnership buy the property and also retire the license.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but what can anyone do with a giant building that doesn’t have any windows?

      • Anonymous

        raze it.

  • overonhst

    No one’s going to buy that for $4.5mil. I highly doubt it’s really worth that much. Now that this place is looking like its days are numbered, I really wonder what’s going on with the Venus club on K that’s been vacant and why it hasn’t been sold or renovated.

    • Venus (like Fur) is already owned by a developer. It’s planned for office + retail, but just hasn’t happened yet. In the meantime, that club isn’t as big a source of crime and noise as the others.

    • Anonymous

      If I’m thinking correctly, this i a pretty large building (and therefore a pretty large property). Now I know that people aren’t paying the insane sums that were being paid for land around the Navy Yard Metro back when that land grab happened, but I have to think that this location would certainly command a large number considering the potential FAR available.

      • Anonymous

        Correcting myself here – reading through the old post, the property is not included, just the club. Disregard previous comment.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome news! Maybe the neighborhood can get some restaurants other than fast food. Maybe they can even stay open past 6pm…

    I hope they rip the building down, it’s really ugly.

    • Anonymous

      wouldnt be surprised… the air space above that place is pretty valuable too…

  • Anonymous

    At this point I would have expected any excuse or trumped up reason for this place to fold given that the city has zero interest in anything standing East of Capt. Ave.

    Next up, everything 4 blocks deep West is done.

    • Anonymous

      You’ve heard of Capitol Hill, right?

  • Bill

    Actually wasn’t a bad spot. I used to go pretty frequently. Pretty fun time.

    • Anonymous

      do tell!

      • Bill

        Not much to tell. Good vibe, nice people, GREAT DJs.

  • Anonymous

    This area needs parks. Perhaps this would be a good spot for one?

    • Craig

      While I seriously doubt that any developer would just turn that whole space into a park, it sure would be nice if we could get a set-aside in that block – and something more than just another stupid brick plaza.

      As a neighbor, I’d love to see a park there, but if they can’t manage one, then at least a building that has real restaurants open until late hours and some useful retail.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing that place go would be the best thing to happen to that quarter since the opening of the Metro station. Good riddance to noise, violence, drunkenness, and underage kids making fools of themselves on school nights.


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