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honking my horn:

“Looking to the wisdom of crowds to help settle a domestic dispute.

To summarize: between me and my fiance, I do most/all of the driving. I have also come to despite two aspects of city driving – ignorant jaywalking (defined by people jaywalking busy streets with the expectation that cars will avoid them) and egregious cut-offs by other cars (defined as cars cutting you off in a WTF are they thinking/they know better-type sense). I have decided to show my disapproval of these behaviors by honking. Not lay on my horn. Just a honk to convey “yeah, i know what you did and I don’t like it” way.

My fiance finds this behavior distasteful and possibly risky. She fears the day I’ll honk at the wrong person and they’ll get violent with me.

I plead that I need to show my disapproval for rude behavior somehow.


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