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From an email:

“We are excited to announce our upcoming cooking classes at DGS on Saturday, July 20th, 27th and August 3rd. It’s like summer camp but with booze. Learn to make half sours and dills, smoke salmon and pair pastrami with wine.”

Summer Series: Cooking Classes at DGS Delicatessen:

“Price ($30) includes 1 hour class, plus small bites, sparkling wine, and take away recipes.”

Details after the jump.

July 20th at 4pm

Pickling Vegetables: Half Sours, Dills & More.

Pickles are iconic in the delicatessen. At DGS, we pickle cucumbers, radish, fennel, mushrooms, eggs and more. In the first class, Chef Koslow will teach you pickling 101 and demonstrate how to transform any vegetable into a delicious pickle. Learn tricks for how to make great half sours and dills at home.

July 27th at 4pm

Fish: Cured, Smoked & Pickled

The delicatessen traces its roots to Eastern Europe, where our great grandparents cured, smoked and pickled fish. We’ve relearned this important food tradition at DGS. In the second class of the series, Chef Koslow will teach you how to cure salmon, smoke whitefish, and pickle bluefish.

August 3rd at 4pm

Slivovitz, Shrubs & Moving Beyond Manischevitz

Last but not least. Drinking. Our drinking culture was born in Eastern Europe, but was shaped in Lower East Side bars, summer retreats in the Catskill Mountains, and winter getaways to Florida. Learn from Beverage Director Brian Zipin how to make slivovitz at home, turn fruit into shrubs for your cocktails, and pair Jewish food with wine.


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