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  • Ronald

    Not buying it. A patio won’t shut down the kitchen, and they could have suspended construction outside during peak food service inside.

    Back in my restaurant days these signs were code for “finally addressing a rampant rat/mouse/bug infestation and/or adding that up-to-code ventilation our contractor never got around to installing and/or we forgot to pay our electric/gas/liquor distributor bill. Preesh.”

    • Anonymous

      No thriving business would shut down “until further notice” to lay a patio or other minor renovations. Even if there is some bizarre situation that requires them to close to make the repairs, they would know exactly how long it will take and make sure their construction team is working round the clock to make it happen by that deadline.

    • Ben

      Looks like they are doing some sort of Nanawall for the front facade. Without another entrance they might have had no other choice.

      • Anonymous

        In that case they’d say “We are closed until June 26” or whatever date the work would be completed. Vague plans + vague timelines = business in trouble.

  • guylogan

    Yup… no way this is true there is more to this… ownership/leadership disputes and issues.

  • Anonymous

    Grand opening……..grand closing!

    Has anyone actually gone here, aside from Mr. PoP himself? If so, how was it?

    Myself and my friends frequent Dupont often for happy hours, we always like to try a new place. No one has mentioned this yet in our discussions. No one is going here, probably because the entrance looks like a movie theater. Too uninviting, IMO.

    • justinbc

      We went. It was pretty much the definition of mediocre. Another Dupont business that tries to be multiple things to multiple audiences and pleases few of them.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve gone twice during the week to watch sporting events with friends and had great service both times. Plenty of TVs and they were willing to change the channel to the games we wanted to watch. Always a plus at a Sports Bar. Not sure what the weekend scene is like though…

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t enjoy it. I went twice during March Madness and both times, all of the TVs were showing various games (good) but without any audio for the game most people showed up to watch. Instead, there was super annoying and loud club music playing throughout the place (bad) so it didn’t really feel like a sports bar at all. Also, I have no idea what the back bar is all about and my tater tot appetizer cost $11. If this place does re-open, I definitely won’t be back.

    • Anonymous

      looks boring, I’d never walk in if I was in the area let alone go out of my way to go there.

  • anon

    i tried to go here one monday evening and the door guy wouldnt accept my uk government issued driver license. also he was pretty obnoxious. Im a bartender and i know that the uk license is in the A.B.C book of accepted i.d’s but i didnt want to get into it with him. Considering the location and the amount of visitors with non U.S id’s maybe you should train your door guys rather than just hire meat heads???


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