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Get $1 Dollar Beers at Furlough Happy Hour July 11th at Duffy’s

by Prince Of Petworth — June 7, 2013 at 12:30 pm 14 Comments

2106 Vermont Avenue, NW

From Duffy’s:

Thanks to the Brainchildren we have elected to high office the DOD will begin Furloughing pretty much all civilian employees each Friday starting July 12th. So when life hands you a lemon…Thursdays just became Fridays Duffy’s will help you kick off your first furlough weekend with a Hour you can afford:

4pm to 7pm
$1 Miller Lite, Sam Adams, Sam Adams Summer, PBR, Tecate

Our entire Menu will be 1/2 Price until 7pm!

  • Betsy


  • Anonymous

    for clarity, not all DoD civilian employees are furloughed each friday. different DoD organizations have decided on different furlough plans.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am furloughed every Monday so no good for me.

    • at least you have consistency – ours furlough day changes every week. which is just super!

  • Anonymous

    Worst. Congress. Ever.

    And our president, whom I voted for twice, isn’t exactly living up to expectations.

  • chln

    I know I’m just boo-hooing to myself, but I have been furloughed since the end of May, as an EPA employee. On the bright(er) side, at least our “phase 2” furlough has been decreased so that we are being furloughed a total of 55 hours. That’s down from a potential for 114 total, and then 79. Still a bummer, especially when I keep hearing that furlough notices are just now going out, when we got ours in April.

    • Anonymous

      At least you’re only getting 55 hours total. DoD may be starting late, but they’re making up for it with a total of 88 hours.

      • chln

        True, true. I guess it just doesn’t seem like the public is aware that furloughs are already happening in some places.

      • anonymous

        yea.. i’m an 88 hour-er… Ours starts 8 July and we get to pick either every Monday or every Friday 🙁

  • Anonymous

    We (HUD) have mandated furlough days, so I get no choice in the matter. Which is a bit of a bummer, but our 7 days in total isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things.

  • psmitty311

    Thank you, Duffy’s! It’s great that you’re trying to help some folks out while our ‘bosses’ go through a bad case of brain farts. I know I’ll be there!

  • Anonymous

    A little off topic, but when is their patio seating going in?

  • Anon

    Bummer we have to wait so long. EPA has been furloughed since early May – this was my fourth day. We have one more that’s flexible and two more required for a total of 7. It blows. Wish we could have found someone celebrating our days off, because I’ve spent a lot of money (that I no longer make) in bars. Not complaining – I do comtinue to love my job. It’s just frustrating that DoD gets so much press for their furloughs comparatively.


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