Nicoletta NYC Pizzeria Coming to Yards Park, Osteria Morini Applying for Liquor License at the Lumber Shed

by Prince Of Petworth May 14, 2013 at 12:30 pm 10 Comments


Yesterday @TheYardsDC tweeted the good news:

“This just in: Nicoletta NYC Pizzeria will be opening in the seasonal stalls at The Yards Park/The Yards DC”


A recent liquor license posted at the Lumber Shed lists Osteria Morini/Nicoletta:

“New full service, fine dining restaurant specializing in authentic Italian food. Separate kiosk for casual dining and takeout/delivery. Inside seating capacity is 165. Two summer gardens with a total of 136 seats. Background music, occasional live music and/or DJ will be provided.”

This is gonna be awesome.


  • Considering most of the stuff to do around Navy Yard is between 1st and M and 3rd (GB, Justin’s, Park Tavern, Ice Skating, Lot 38, Cornercopia), it will be interesting to see if all the development along the actual Waterfront will ‘shift’ the center of activity.

    Right now along the Waterfront there’s basically Kruba (still best food in the neighborhood) and the Yards Park, and that’s it.

  • Seasonal stalls? That’s the first I’ve heard of those. My lunch options just keep getting better and better!

    • Seasonal stalls, but the pizzeria will be a 365 operation.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they’re on the boardwalk level near the light tower. When I did yoga there last summer I was always gazing at the Coming Soon ads with pictures of ice cream when we did backbends or twist poses.

  • Anonymous

    hilarious Nicoletta takedown by Pete Wells from last summer

    this is my fave

    Mr. White has said he engineered the dough to stand up to the rigors of delivery and reheating with no loss of quality. In that, at least, he has succeeded. Warmed up a day or two later, a Nicoletta crust is just as stiff and bland as when it was fresh from the oven.


    • I just want some authentic Neapolitan pizza. I hate having to go to Red Rocks to get the best margherita .

      • Anonymous

        Pizza cs or pupatella

      • pclenfant


  • Mike

    The picture you have posted is not where the pizza place is going. It’s actually down on the boardwalk…right next to the water. That’s where the “seasonal stalls” are located.

  • i wish i had invested in that neighborhood.


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