• Oh no. I hope you find him. I have a blind kitty, too, and I always worry that he’ll find a way to sneak out. Good luck to you and Albert.

  • hey-hey-hey it’s CAAAAAAT Albert!

    I’ll be on the look-out and will alert my friends and neighbors

  • Kris

    Thinking about Albert… good luck friend!

  • Florista

    Oh, bless him – I hope he’s found soon! I will send up good thoughts…

  • Oh Albert, go home kitty! I hope you find him soon.

  • Hope you find him soon!

  • Maybe this will help? Perhaps try to lure him back with yummy, stinky treats. Good luck!


  • This may be ignorant, but what does “Unit Block of Q St NW” mean?

    • It’s the block between N Cap and 1st St. House numbers are < 100.

  • Thanks for the clarification. Stay safe, kitty Albert!

  • maryedith

    Oh, no. If you haven’t already, print out copies of this and put them all over your neighborhood. I did when my cat went missing a couple of years ago, and several people called after spotting cats who seemed to match the description. Lots of people out walking their dogs really do notice! And I also called the Humane Society and posted on Craigslist and here at PoP and I was amazed at how many people responded to help.

    Good luck, I hope Albert makes it home quickly.

  • Any word on Albert?

  • Rosalind

    Has Albert been found yet?

  • I keep checking back to see if there are any updates. I hope Albert made it home!


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