Biking Around Town Vol. 9 – Riding out on Beach Drive

by Prince Of Petworth May 16, 2013 at 11:00 am 21 Comments

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Biking around Town is written by Josh Nadas (@dcliterate), a daily bike commuter & avid rider who works for the National Park Service, and lives in Mount Pleasant. Josh previously wrote about the Anacostia Riverwalk Ride.

One of the most well-worn bike routes around town is beach drive. It due in part to the fact that a good chunk of this ride is closed to cars on the weekend and the route has a couple of hills that are fun without being too challenging (according to the map statistics, you only gain approximately 300 feet of elevation, and I added in hills as I describe below). The parts of this ride that do have cars on the road, the cars are generally well-behaved because they expect bikes to be there. Unfortunately, this isn’t true everywhere or all the time, but it helps.

I started the map down in Rock Creek Park, at the part of Beach drive where the weekend car-free zone begins. The name of the article is fairly intuitive regarding the route – we will be riding along beach drive today all the way to Garret park. However, I chose to take a side route up and around ridge road because I wanted an extra hill. If you are not interested in this part, you can feel free to start pedaling up Beach drive; it’s easy to pick up the rest of the route. As a reminder, Ridge, make the right turn onto Ross drive in order to get back to beach, don’t follow ridge too far.

As you descend down Ross drive, make a right turn and then a quick left to make sure that you go under the Military Road Bridge. At that point, you’ll be riding up Beach Drive, until you reach a bit of a funny intersection at the bottom of a hill. You have the option of continuing to the left on Beach Dr, or going to the right on Beach Drive, NW. (I apologize for how un-intuitive that is). Make sure you head to the left, and continue until you get to east-west highway. At that point, the name of the road changes to Jones Mill Road. Be sure to follow traffic lights and patterns for this part of the ride, it’s a residential area with a decent amount of traffic. Take Jones Mill all the way to the 495 beltway, where you should keep your eyes peeled for a left turn after you pass underneath the bridge, because you’ll be picking up Beach Drive again.

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This last section on beach is my favorite. It’s flat, and really easy to ride along because of a large shoulder on the road. You’ll ride this until the road ends in a “T” intersection with Garrett Park Road. At that point, you will find yourself at a small park with restrooms and water – so be sure to top off your bottle before heading home.

All told – the route took me just under an hour. I’m pretty sure that I was pushing myself to ride hard, so it could take you a little bit longer (or shorter, I’m really not very fast), especially so if you want to enjoy the scenery, rather than just burn off some calories. This is a great workout ride, or if you felt like traveling at a slower pace, half-day adventure ride. The park at the end makes a nice place to recover, and you can pretty easily have a picnic lunch there. I hope that you have fun out there.


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