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BakeHouse Opening Wed. at 1407 T Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth May 14, 2013 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

1407 T Street, NW

At long last BakeHouse also opens on Wednesday:

BakeHouse is a neighborhood coffee shop and bakery committed to providing a contemporary take on classic American baked goods.

Whether you’re grabbing some breakfast before work, meeting friends for lunch or a mid-day caffeine boost, or picking up a sweet treat on your way home from dinner, we’ve got the freshest and most delectable treats in town.

Our menu changes regularly to take advantage of the best local and seasonal ingredients, but we always have a selection of familiar favorites and exciting new flavors. Stop in and see what we’re up to!


More photos including the menu after the jump.









  • Holy reasonable prices, Batman! I didn’t expect that.

  • Anonymous

    All of the bro’s moving from Clarendon to Logan Circle will finally have a place to eat their breakfast sandwiches.

    • Anonymous

      Huh? Are breakfast sandwiches a bro thing? I just thought they were delicious.

      • Matt

        I was just thinking this morning, “you know what there’s way too much of in Logan Circle? Bros. Also, breakfast sandwiches. I’m bout to move out of this place if they start mixing the two together, I can’t stand for that”.

      • breakfast sandwiches lack the working class urban grit and post modern irony needed for a real city breakfast. Frankly, they’re the morning fuel to the gentrification fire.

        This store would do well to add out-of-the-box poptarts cooked in an analog toaster at $7 a pop to their menu.

      • Anonymous

        What? People have been eating egg and cheese on a roll for breakfast way before the term ‘bro’ became a thing.

    • anon

      huh, i hadn’t noticed a mass migration of dudes out of clarendon to logan…..

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t think so either, but then I noticed an influx of brown flip-flops. That was the “a-ha” moment.

  • For some reason, PoP photos still won’t load for me – is this a place where you can buy an actual birthday cake for someone that’s 1) good and 2) not ridiculously overpriced?
    I’d love to be able to buy a birthday cake when the need arises, but it’s near impossible in that neighborhood. Whole Foods and Cakelove are both subpar and overpriced for the not great quality

  • anon

    I hope they add at least a couple more tables outside! Looks cute.

    • I always get birthday cakes around here at either Costco or Safeway. No need spending all that money at CakeLove (patooey!) or Whole Foods when all I want is white cake and with electric blue frosting anyways. And let me tell you, they have awesome white cake with electric blue frosting.

      • except they aren’t convenient – I’d have to drive there. So, if I were to pick it up on the way to work (well, lets face it – I won’t be doing that)…or my way home, Costco and a safeway with a bakery (not 17th St) isn’t at all convenient. If I COULD, I’d prefer to buy from a small business in my neighborhood…
        Costco does have good cakes – that chocolate multi-layer one is what dreams are made of.

  • Anonymous

    1) Menu looks great, wish Qualia could match that menu (and price point)
    2) Can someone please define “bro” for me? I keep seeing it and I’m still not sure if a bro is gay, straight, an aging single jock who insists on living in frat conditions until his late 30s, or what? Can a non-athlete be a bro? And how is he different from a hipster? What does a bro’s girlfriend look like?

    • Anonymous
    • Don’t be confused, the above poster is somewhat delusional in his view of the neighborhood. While both areas are full of affluent, mostly white people who live well above their means, that’s where most of the similiarities end. Except for the brown sandals thing, which is a stupid correlation to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    I thought there was something about being from Riverside or San Bernadino. I see some wildly different definitions. I guess a DC bro would not be driving a jacked up pickup and wear skater shorts?

    • Huh?

      Skater shorts?

  • anon

    sorry to introduce further complexity into this discussion, but what’s a “bra”? (not the lady undergarment)… i’ve heard dudes saying, “what’s up bra?”

    is that a west coast bro?

  • Sean

    Super excited about the breakfast sandwiches and I am not a bro! I am also happy to see that they will be serving chai, unlike that ridiculous Peregrine.

  • Anonymous

    Just dropped by for a cappuccino and cupcake…this place is great!

  • Erik

    What a great new place for 14th st. Combine this with some solid tacos next door and you’ve got a nice combo!


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