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Washington Pizza Adds Indian and Pakistani Cuisine – Opens Monday in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2013 at 10:30 am 24 Comments

1353 Randolph Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word of the changes at Washington Pizza located at 14th and Randolph St, NW. They hear:

“Seems it is owned by a former co-owner at Salt ‘N Pepper Grill on Georgia Ave which is SO exciting if they have the same quality of food! Opens Monday.”

  • Joe E.

    “Kebabish?” So it’s pretty close, but not quite kebab?

    • Chops


  • Michelle

    CK hotel in Quincy and 14th is been demolished today, hope someone takes pictures.

    • saf

      Oh, that makes me sad. I wanted SO much to buy that place and turn it into a B&B, but just did not have the money.

      Poor once-upon-a-time nice building.

  • Anonymous

    Kebabish seems to actually be a popular name for Indian and Pakistani restaurants just from a quick search. Having trouble finding out exartly why it’s so popular though…

  • Anonymous

    There was a place near Penn’s campus called Kebabish (or maybe kabobeesh?) that was one of my all-time favorite holes-in-the-wall. Amazingly flavorful spicy kabobs, buttery rice, some kind of spiced and roasted cauliflower… I never figured out where exactly they hailed from. I thought Afghanistan, but have since BEEN to Afghanistan and didn’t encounter anything like it there.

  • JL

    Hope this doesn’t go the way of the Dream Cafe on Seinfeld.

    • totally going to be my joke. Babu?!?!?!?!

  • Oh, man! Gonna have to give this a try. If it’s as good as the reader says, this may rival Epiphany Open Pit BBQ as my new go-to place for a quick bite in the ‘hood.

  • Katrina

    They are so ready for carry out, they put four r’s in the word carry.

  • Kian

    Reminds me of a Seinfeld episode

  • Anonymous

    Meh, I am generally wary of restaurants that attempt too many types of cuisine. I mean really, have you ever had anything good from one of those Chinese places that also serves wings and hamburgers? Do one thing. Do it well.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a common dynamic to this kind of thing. Immigrant family opens up a restaurant that they think will appeal to Americans. Pizza or burgers or something. But since they have this big kitchen, why not fix a few of the old favorites from the homeland? The new food is better than the pizza (or whatever) and the buzz begins. They slowly change over the menu to more and more foreign food, but might still need to keep the pizza available to keep their original customers.
      Did you know that Moby Dick House of Kebab started out as a hamburger joint? Then the Iranian owners realized there was a bigger market for Persian food.

      • saf

        When I was an undergrad, Odd’s Cafe (now long gone), hired a new cook – a Thai cook.

        There was no Thai around here then. They put Thai food on the menu. Cheap beer, cheap sate. Loved it!

      • Anonymous

        I was not aware. But I am willing to bet examples this are the exception, not the rule.

  • Anonymous

    I live across the street and threw out a menu they placed at my doorstep, not realizing there had been a change in ownership/menu. I will definitely have to give it a shot.

  • Gautam

    I saw this place the other day, wasnt sure what to think about it…

    I love Salt n Pepper Grille – this is FANTASTIC news. Thanks for the info PoP!

  • Anonymous

    for it to be truly awesome they better have subs, wings, chinese food, vegan food, cupcakes, pho, and milkshakes

    • Anonymous

      And it should all be gluten free!

  • Wait, what?

  • Gille de Rais

    Columbia Heights is growing.

  • Just to clarify, has this actually changed ownership, or just changed menus?

    I ordered from Washington Pizza once, and it was probably the worst interaction I’ve ever had with a restaurant, ever. However if old management is gone, I definitely want to give this a try because Fusion is overpriced and mediocre, and I miss delicious Indian food delivery.

    • quincy dude

      likewise. though it was more weird than terrible for me. phone order placed, super old nice guy when I got there had no knowledge of said order. very forgettable pizza… but I too love salt and pepper grille, so very hopeful.

  • PhilGP

    I went in a few minutes ago. The change over does not happen for at least another week.


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