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Ri Ra Irish Pub Coming to the former Mie N Yu Space in Georgetown

by Prince Of Petworth April 8, 2013 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

Ri Ra Irish Pub_georgetown
3125 M Street, NW

Last week Georgetown Patch reported that a Ri Ra Irish Pub would be coming to the former Mie N Yu space in Georgetown. From Ri Ra’s Arlington website:

Capturing the unique atmosphere of traditional Victorian era Irish pubs, Rí Rá was built entirely from authentic Irish salvage material. The main bar, the back bar and many of the features came from an old pharmacy in Dublin and are over 100 years old. The pub was meticulously restored in Ireland before being shipped to Clarendon.

The interior is rich and warm, constructed by notable craftsmen from the finest available materials of the day. The pub is an ideal use for the historic Virginia Hardware Store that previously occupied the site since 1924.

No doubt the many hard working carpenters that shopped at the Hardware Store over the years would appreciate the craftsmanship of the beautiful Irish pub.

Alongside the old and historic artifacts that the pub contains are pre-Raphaelite paintings that were replicated by hand during the months of construction to create a truly amazing and unique setting.

You can see their menus here. Anyone ever been to a Ri Ra before?

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the interior will look great, but it IS Georgetown, so, uhm, ya know?

  • Ri Ra Mie N Yu


  • I was just thinking that DC needed another corporate “Irish” pub. Yawn.

    • Georgetown is now so uncool that it’s been annexed by Virginia.

      • Anonymous


  • jes

    I actually don’t dislike this move; I personally can’t stand Rhino Bar, and G-Town could use another sports-ish bar

  • hma

    Perfect for Georgetown.

    • Anonymous

      That’s exactly what I was thinking…

    • Anonymous


  • Rich

    Replacing a mediocre Asian restaurant with a faux Irish pub. Not exactly progress.

    • Anonymous

      I think Mie N Yu was rather unique (too expensive, but certainly not mediocre). This is definitely a step backward for Georgetown.

  • Anonymous

    Contrast this announcement with the one about DC’s best per the Travel Channel. This won’t draw me to Georgetown.

  • Anonymous

    None of this really sounds all that special. Imported old Irish pub interiors are a dime a dozen. The menu doesn’t really differentiate itself from any of the other Irish pub chains around here.

    • Farnsworth

      Their staff tends to be Irish themselves. How do they pull that?

      • Illegal immigrants.

        (I’m not kidding. That’s how it works, at least, in NYC)

      • Maire

        I think they use some kind of exchange program. I’ve been to the one in Bethesda a few times and they all seemed like young college students here for six months or a year to earn money and see the States.

        I actually liked the food. But it’s not a place I would make a special trip to.

        • JL

          Some are probably on a “working holiday” – an exchange program that lets Irish students or recent grads come to the US for up to 12 months.

        • Anonymous

          I was in Dublin recently, and there are storefronts all over the city advertising “Work in America.” I don’t know all the facts, but I was told that it’s a bit sketchy. They send you over here for a certain amount of time, but you’re not making very much money. Perhaps even sharing your wages with the folks who sent you over. The Irish seem to really love the U.S. a lot more than most Europeans, and their economy is still pretty crappy, so maybe it’s actually a decent opportunity for some.

  • Anony

    Yawn . . .

    When is Applebee’s coming to Georgetown too? And what about Olive Garden?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Actually, this sounds attractive.
    But then again I don’t hate Georgetown.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still holding out for a cheesecake factory!


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