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Shots Fired around 1pm on the 500 Block of Buchanan St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2013 at 2:37 pm 13 Comments

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A reader sends word of a shooting around 2pm on the 500 Block of Buchanan St, NW. MPD is on the scene and Buchanan is blocked off between Illinois and 5th. At this point it is not clear if anyone was hit but the report is of hearing multiple shots fired.


“Just before 1pm, units responded for a sounds of gunshots call in the area of 5th and Buchanan Sts NW. Units located a vehicle in the area with a window shot out. No injured victims nor complainant were located.”

  • ……aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand summer is here.

  • dat

    *sigh* hope nobody was hurt…

  • The Real Jason

    And so it begins. They come at night mostly. Mostly.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand these POS!!

  • Anonymous

    There are two schools that are about a block from there.

  • That is a busy corner. Outrageous – right by Barnard Elementary.

  • Anonymous

    From neighborhood gossip, this appears to be an ongoing dispute, involving the same parties, that started yesterday. Yesterday 4/8, a shooting happened at 5th/Allison around 230pm: a neighbor (sitting on his porch with a baby) at 5th/Webster saw two men arguing, about to get into a physical fight. Said neighbor told the men “One of you needs to move along!” So one man walked about a block north to 5th/Allison and turned around and shot willy nilly south toward the other man. A Michael & Son’s van got hit with bullets. It’s an outrage, the neighbors are p.o.’d. This is broad daylight when children and puppies and butterflies are walking around. I don’t know how cops manage to solve this kind of problem but I hope they do it fast.

  • Last week I heard about 4 shots in this area around 11.45pm. I called it in, but nothing seemed to come of it.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to f-up the mothers who would dare fire shots a block from my kid’s school, if I can catch them. What is wrong with people?!!

  • Anonymous

    More shots fired at 9th and Buchanan around 12:20 am.

  • Anonymous

    Is there some kind of community watch group for this area? The sane people around here can’t just sit around wondering when our kids and dogs are going to get caught up in this. What to do??

    • Anonymous

      Though I know nobody wants to do it in the era of “Bowling Alone,” but talk to your neighbors. As many as you can.

  • In my experience, things had calmed down in the last few years. This is kind of a return to what was the norm 5 or 6 years ago. My guess it’s one or two knuckleheads who are causing all the trouble.


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