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Reader Scuttlebutt: Former Lite Stars Space to become a Stoney’s in West End?

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2013 at 11:30 am 5 Comments

2101 L Street, NW

Back in June 2012 we learned that Lite Stars bistro closed at 2101 L St, NW. A reader hears that the space will become a second Stoney’s location. Their first location is in Logan Circle at 1433 P St, NW (after moving from 1307 L St, NW.) You can see their menu here. Updates as more info becomes available.

  • Ronald

    Great to see that part of town getting more night-and-weekend business. Stoney’s is a great place for a pint or to catch a game. But … well, I hope there will be other places to eat food around there.

  • When I first read that I thought it said Shoney’s. Got my hopes up for nothing.

  • AG

    I always though Lite Stars was some sort of preschool or childcare center for some reason. Never seemed like an eatery.

  • I was sad to see Lite Stars close and still miss one of my regular lunch options. At least it’s good to see more stuff coming to that block.


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