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Litestars Healthy Bistro Closes at 2101 L St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2012 at 4:30 pm 19 Comments

2101 L St, NW

Litestars was located at 2101 L St, NW.

Our mission: We pledge to provide our customers with healthier and tastier food choices prepared with fresh ingredients resulting in a meal with less fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and sugar contents.

They opened up back in July 2010.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t PoP spotlight another restaurant recently with similar tastes (low-calorie food – no temptation etc) that just opened up in the area?

  • The inherent problem with sustaining a “healthy food” restaurant is having a location close to enough people willing to pay the premium prices. 21st & L is in something of a limbo location…the core is from M north, 20th east and K south. On the west, the Washington Circle area people go to Whole Foods and the places around it. The only thing that will draw there is either a power restaurant (as in Galileo that used to be a few doors up from there), or something that is high volume, satisfying and cheap. Otherwise, some kind of non-food retail.

    • J

      While that may be true, I’m not sure that was the real problem with Litestars. I often try to eat healthy lunches and am typically willing to spend more for a good-ingredient, healthy lunch. But the problem with Litestars is that when I walked by, NOTHING on the menu seemed appetizing or seemed like any sort of satisfying lunch to me (they had tarts and soups for example). I’d much rather walk over to Sweet Green for a salad than have a tart as my lunch.

      • AK

        Agree. I live in the area and got coupons in the mail from them occasionally, but I was never inspired to go there–everything on the menu sounded like rabbit food.

      • I have never understood why so many “healthy” places think they have to sell weird stuff in order to be considered legit. I eat quite healthy with stuff bought from regular markets. It’s about the quality of ingredients and one’s ability to combine them in an appetizing manner. No way would I trade any of my politically-incorrect regular fare for “free-range, cage-free, cruelty-free tree bark with lark poop marmalade and a lemur urine vinaigrette” which is what most of the menu choices at healthy restaurants read as (regardless of what the actual wording is).

        • And, I do indulge in “totally bad for you” food like burgers and fries now and then. Healthy dining is being smart enough to eat lots of different, good things so the occasional bad thing won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, most of the people I encounter in this town who consider themselves “healthy dieters” are just kidding themselves and being bilked by clever marketing.

          • Anonymous

            (Pooh) bear,

            Why so cynical about people in this town? Sometimes you are probably right about people but sometimes people pay a lot for what is sold as healthy, if boring, food. So what? Maybe they like that. Hopefully they don’t go into debt for it. But what diff? It’s nice that you want people to lead a even-keel, reasonable life, but what can you do if they don’t? I actually often like your posts and think you have a sometimes humorous look on things. Maybe some people like eating bark or clever marketing. Ha.?

        • LOL: “lark poop marmalade”– made my day.

  • elk

    On the one hand I’m sad because I work on L b/w 21st and 20th and that block is a freaking dead zone for lunch options (except for food trucks which seem to have realized this).

    On the other hand, in 18 months of working at this location and buying lunch 2-3 times a week I’ve been there once. It’s not very good. I will gladly walk the extra distance to Ricebar or Best Sandwich or Maoz (RIP) for an equally healthy option that actually tastes good.

    I have my fingers triple crossed that when the large office building reno on the north side of L is complete that we will actually get some ground level retail (i.e. food options) worth a darn.

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought that they had some of the best salads around and some really creative and tasty soup drinks. Was less impressed with their tarts – although one or two of their flavors were pretty good. Sad to see it go, but unsurprised. People don’t like trying something that sounds different, and, as some of the other commenters noted, it sounded like “rabbit food” to them.

    • AK

      New and novel is great, but it seemed like Litestars was buying into the (misguided) idea that healthy food is bland food.

  • Anonymous

    That place was absolutely awful. It’s better it’s closing so something better can go in it’s place. Maybe a place that actually serves edible food.

  • I Am Jack’s Lack of Sodium

    I went to a yelp event there last year where they gave away food and drink to entice people to write positive things about them on the internet.

    Even with free food, the atmosphere was as stale as the bread used to make their tarts. There was zero salt in any of the offerings, and no matter what flavor of comestible I ate, they all tasted like bland crap. I’m excited to see something that’s not this take up the location.

  • I actually really liked that place and am sad to see them go. I thought the food (especially the salmon quiche and some of the soup drinks) were delicious. The location, as others have mentioned, was pretty bad – there is not much foot traffic past the building.

  • Tried it with some of the folks from my office not long after it opened. Nothing about it made us want to go back. Unfortunate, but that’s the way it goes.

  • EyelessinGaza

    I work right beside the place. Went there to try it out once and was force-fed their food for work lunches twice. All three times I was disappointed and left starving after paying about $9 for 1/3 the amount of great food that one can get at any deli nearby, not to mention Port of Piraeus, whose food ROCKS!

  • DT

    I basically lived on Litestars and I’m very sad to see it go.

    I’d have an oatmeal with coffee and granola every morning for under $3. A month or so ago I switched over to scrambled egg whites for just under $4. I’d go back and have the Tartlette, salad, fruit combo for lunch for another $8-10. If it was a hot day, their frozen yogurt was the best around… After incorporating their food into my regular diet, I lost 15 lbs and my cholesterol numbers were back in the normal to good range. Also, after eating at Litestars for a while, I realized how heavily salted and over-sized most prepared food is; even the “healthy” stuff.

    As of today, I’m back to gorging myself on salads the size of my head from Chop’t loaded with bacon, cheese, salty dressing and a little extra salted seasoning for “flavor.” I deeply regret the closing of this truly unique and under-appreciated eatery. I guess I’ll have to start hiking over to the whole foods and try out this thing they call “restraint…”

    R.I.P. Litestars, You’ll be missed greatly.

  • I didn’t think that place was awful – but it did feel a little soulless. I’m sad that a place that is offering a healthy alternative to the boring sandwich, salad bar routine is gone. Highly recommend walking the extra couple blocks to Freshii which is an awesome place and gets the gold star treatment in the ROC Diner’s Guide!!!


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