• Aaaahhhhhh….. I just can’t get enough of being outside and enjoying nature!

  • Anonymous

    iLove iNature

  • “This small Etch-a-Sketch is great, but the big one with the stand isn’t bad either.”

  • M

    Screen On The Green just isn’t what it used to be.

  • luv the gr8 outdoorz

  • Anonymous

    NPS is proud to announce the new spring time series ADHD on the Green.

  • While Aladdin ran inside for some smokes, Jasmine had to admit to herself that the spark had died.

  • zandunga

    Realizing that all of her friends are in cyberspace, Emily skyped herself.

  • Jen was at the training ground when she heard the happy news: Javelin had been cut and the App-tathlon had been added to the 2040 Kabul Olympic Games.

  • LP

    Bringing the indoors outside

  • Immediately after locating her missing IPhone using the latest “FindiPhone” app, Jane started to download the new “Find My Life” app.

  • OMG! What do you mean there’s no wi-fi here?!?! Parks are totally overrated. I’m going to Starbucks, screw sunlight.

  • Stoney_D

    iPad: “I knew you would eventually go for the smaller device!”

  • How Beth could survive in this day and age when her laptop broke down is beyond me

  • Futbol

    Area woman really hoping to get robbed this afternoon…

  • Bizzinger


  • Jerry

    Have you seen my baseball?!

  • Anonymous

    the new District Youth Correctional Services “Give ‘Em a Device” program has reduced recidivism to zero. Here you can see a former youth criminal enjoying her freedom.

  • Janet vainly attempts to cure her loneliness by skyping with herself.

  • Anonymous

    Finally, a chance to be one with nature!

  • Reminiscing on the Great Indoors.

  • Look at all the pretty cherry blossom pictures on Facebook!

    • Haha, I love this whole thread. Tech (particularly phone) obsessed people drive me nuts.

    • Anonymous

      This one gets my vote!

  • ADHD: There are apps for…ooh look a text message!

  • Anonymous

    Bringing some of the indoors to the great outdoors.

  • Hello, Becky. I forgot the kitchen sink. Can you please bring it to the park?

  • TG

    Trying desperately not to blow her first day as deep cover operative, Svetlana wondered if she had over done her attempt to look like an American.

  • Ryan S

    I wonder what’s happening out in the world today?

  • Anonymous

    Jen was not going to get off of her picnic blanket until she was fully caught up with Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Homeland, Portlandia, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Inside the Actor’s Studio and the collected works of Tyler Perry (both film and television).

  • Anonymous

    As Jen obsessively sliced virtual fruit, the wonderful fruit salad she had made the night before turned her beautiful floral bag into a soupy mess.

  • Anonymous

    MPD’s electronic theft unit never understood how its undercover officers were so easily identified by would-be thieves.

  • Anonymous

    Jen didn’t need to actually see the cherry blossoms to enjoy a trip down to the Tidal Basin. Just being there was enough for her.

  • “Hey honey, can you bring me my kindle? I seemed to have forgotten it.”

  • Anonymous

    Foreign tourist does best impression of an American on the National Mall.

  • shaw resident

    Nature Lover

  • G. Willikers

    This is what we call Anti-Social Media.

  • Annie

    I think I’m in Dupont. Wait, let me Google Map it.

  • RealityCheckDC

    A surprisingly young-looking New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams tweets, “Been in DC park all day and nobody has talked to me. This city sucks and its inhabitants are too self-absorbed to warrant any more of my attention.”

  • Anonymous

    Items needed for my picnic: blanket-check, ipad-check, iphone-check, gigantic earphones-double check, picnic basket….picnic basket….DOH!!

    • Anonymous

      maybe I should WOOF my friend and tell her to bring one.


  • cliftonite93

    Kite Simulator on my phone, Frisbee Forever on the Ipad. Totally soaking up the outdoors.

  • Soccer star Brandi Chastain could never get enough of watching old footage of team USA on YouTube. “Wow” she thought, “it’s getting pretty hot in this park, maybe I should take off this…”

  • blue sky rich

    Ughh, where is that recording of birds chirping and soft spring breezes ?!


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